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Pope: May human dignity be the center of every policy-Vatican News

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On the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Central American Integration System, the region recently held a solidarity and mutual assistance conference. In a letter to the participants, the pope pointed out that everyone must work together to deal with the severe social crisis exacerbated by the new crown epidemic. “The church walks side by side with the people of Central America.”

(Vatican News Network)On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Central American Integration System, a conference on solidarity and mutual assistance was held in Costa Rica a few days ago. On this occasion, Pope Francis wrote to the participants, saying, “The Holy See reaffirms the exclusive right to manage their respective borders. At the same time, they also wish a common, solid and coordinated regional commitment that puts humanity and dignity in every aspect. The center of political activity”. The Central American Integration System is the economic, cultural and political organization of Central American countries. It was established in 1993. The Holy See has been an observer outside the region since 2012.

The Pope pointed out that the term solidarity and mutual assistance is of great significance in the current health, economic and social crisis. This crisis “tests the entire world” and “reminds everyone that man is like ashes”, but “in the eyes of God, man is precious ashes.” He created the human family. Today, this “big family is invited to focus on all people together, rather than succumbing to the logic of competition and individual interests.”

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Then, the Pope mentioned that the severe social conditions are ravaging Central America, “Due to the unjust economic system, the situation in the region has become unstable and complicated.” In addition, coupled with the climate crisis, there has been a massive outflow of people. However, due to “prevention measures to prevent the epidemic, many borders were closed,” causing many people who had left their homes to stay on the road.

The Pope emphasized that the new crown epidemic has also hit internally displaced persons, who are often not protected and “cannot enter the international protection system stipulated by international refugee law”. The phenomenon of population exodus has led to an increase in the crisis of human trafficking. The Pope warned that these “biggest challenges related to the movement of people” call on countries to always place people in “political work” and implement special international mechanisms to protect internally displaced persons and those forced by the onset of a “serious climate crisis”. Those who fled” provide practical protection.

The Pope also mentioned the need to formulate “regional policies” to protect the common home from climatic phenomena and man-made environmental disasters, such as monopolizing land and water resources, and deforestation. These “destructive behaviors seriously threaten the three basic areas of human development, namely, land, houses, and work.” The Pope also mentioned the prevention of human trafficking and paid special attention to young children and women, hoping to promote women’s basic equality, respect and respect through education. The Pope emphasized that any act that violates women is tantamount to “blaspheming the God who was born of a woman.”

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Finally, the Pope encourages everyone to work together for regional exchanges to promote public interest through “multilateral cooperation”, and pay special attention to “new and deep reasons for the problem of forced displacement.” The Pope promised that the church will walk side by side with the people of Central America. The people of Central America bravely faced the crisis and became a host group. The Pope urged them to trust each other, hope boldly, and insist on solidarity and mutual assistance.

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