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Peru disputed between Fujimori’s daughter and the Marxist master

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A final to the photo finish. And a president who, however it turns out, will have to lead a Peru split in two. Hence the premises of an electoral campaign with bright tones: «Viva el Perù, carajo» is the stylistic theme of Pedro Castillo, «Unidos por la paz», that of Keiko Fujimori.

The first, Pedro Castillo, is the candidate of the left, and the victory is being played out with Keiko Fujimori, candidate of the right. Whoever wins, it will be a small victory. In the run-off of the presidential elections, both fluctuate around 50%. A “head to head” that could generate disputes and therefore the request for a recount. “The country is split exactly in half,” says Alfredo Torres, head of Ipsos, the polling institute, which for now produces data of “technical parity”.


Castillo ahead in the first round

In the first round of voting on 11 April, Castillo came first with 18.92% of the votes against the 13.41% obtained by Fujimori, but the powerful organizational machine of Keiko’s old father, Alberto Fujimori, 83, allowed to his daughter to recover many positions.

A country of 32 million inhabitants divided, therefore, but above all impoverished by a long economic crisis and the impact of Covid which has caused more victims than in any other Latin American country (in proportion to the population). 185 thousand deaths have been registered in Peru due to the pandemic.

Peru yearned for by Keiko, 46, la is, or the daughter of former president Alberto Fujimori, who ruled and ruled from 1990 to 2000, is anchored to neoliberal principles and outlines choices in the name of continuity with the conservative model, innervated by some populist concession. It is called Fuerza Popular, Keiko’s party, and in the election campaign it strongly relaunched the free market system.

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