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Mensah, race and physicist in the service of Pordenone: “Ready to give his soul to repay the trust”

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The attacker, taken from Triestina, will be neroverde from 1 July. No promises about goals, holidays and a lot of work to get to the best

He poses himself with humility towards the new challenge, because he has never played in Serie B and does not know how much it can affect the new category. But he is charged, because he knows he has an incredible opportunity. This is also why he says that «for Pordenone I will give my soul».

Davis Mensah has the right mentality, a striker born in 1991 still owned by Triestina, but officially a new player of the lizards from 1 July. He speaks from Verona, his home, from where he manages to convey very well what he expects and what he dreams of from the adventure that lies ahead.

Let’s face it: after more than 10 years between Excellence, D and C series, did you expect this call?

«No, by now I was convinced that the Lega Pro, in which I played in the last four seasons, was my category. This train, at my age, passes once in a lifetime: I could not refuse. So I immediately accepted the offer from Pordenone, which sought me out and made me feel important ».

From 2017 to 2021 at Triestina: 130 games, 20 goals and 13 assists. Will the “Rocco” always be your home?

«With halberds I arrived in the football that counts, I have given and received a lot. The only regret is not being able to win with them, it burns the 2019 play-off final lost with Pisa. I thank all the coaches I had, who made me grow, the Biasin family and the sole director Mauro Milanese: without them I would not be here ».

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Pordenone will play with 4-4-2: can he make the attacking winger and the striker, can you confirm?

«Yes, absolutely, and it is with Massimo Pavanel, formerly of the neroverdi, that I realized I could also be a center forward. I don’t know how many goals I could score, I don’t make any promises, but I can say that where I will not arrive technically I will arrive with the body and with the race. I am ready to give my soul for the lizards ».

Is Mensah ready to start the new adventure?

“Yes, absolutely. I am curious, but also aware of my limits and, in the right way, worried about what awaits me: for this point, to reach the top physically and mentally, I want to go twice as much as the others ».

At Bottecchia, under the flood, in the autumn of 2017 he scored a great goal.

«Perhaps my best goal together with the overhead kick against Alto Adige. I remember all the challenges with the green lizards, even with Virtus Vecomp in Serie D. But the matches I experienced with Triestina charged me in a particular way: they were derbies, I felt them ».


«I will go to the wedding of Frascatore and Odoguw, my former teammates, respectively at Triestina and Vecomp. Then I’ll stay at home, which I just bought in Borgo Roma, in Verona. I’m with my girlfriend Beatrice, who is a psychologist ».

The coach, the new teammates: have you already heard them?

“Not yet. They spoke well of Mr. Paci. I played with Perisan (alla Triestina, ed), I have known others as an adversary. I will soon see them live. I’m ready”.

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