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Givova in Udine dreaming of the “cousins” – Sport

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A series to address a season. This afternoon at 6 pm, at PalaCarnera, the playoff semifinal of Givova Scafati will begin. Opposite there will be the Apu Old Wild West Udine led by an experienced coach and also experienced in the international field such as Matteo Boniciolli. The best of five matches will be played. The winner will face one between Gevi Napoli and Ferrara. Many in the Agro already dream of a last dream act with their Neapolitan cousins, but the road is anything but downhill. The team led by coach Alex Finelli he will have to try to bring home at least one victory from PalaCarnera to try to recover the home factor, now in the hands of the Friulians. The latter have almost voluntarily decided to wait for Givova in the semifinals. In fact, in the last round of the White group, against the yellow and blue without the various Thomas, Rossato, Marino e Welcome (Without to forget Gaines) Udine played a last wait while losing by six points. This time of course the stakes will be decidedly different. The Friulians have added in their engine a player capable of hurting like Mian, in addition to him the already consolidated Johnson, Foulland e You swear. A really important cast for the Apu Old Wild West that can also count on Amato, Noble, PellegrinoL’out Italiano, Back, Deangeli e Mobio. Scafati comes from a rather complex series against a die-hard Chieti. The dross from the now well-known game 3 led to an angry reaction in the fourth act. High level performances will be needed in order not to run into the usual trivial mistakes that have characterized the season. Scafati will certainly rely on his mvp Charles Thomas.
The American himself spoke on the eve. «Having won the title of best foreigner in the Serie A2 championship is for me a reason of great merit and satisfaction, which has come to crown a complicated season. I dedicate this recognition to all my teammates, because it is with them that I train to always improve. We must continue to play as we have done until today, regardless of the fact that in the next few rounds we will not enjoy the advantage of the home factor. Indeed, against a great team like Udine we will have to keep our concentration and aggression high ». A thousand reasons for the US expert who then added. «So far we have done a great job and we still want to keep the level of play and performance high, regardless of the disadvantage of the home factor. Udine has many strong and valid players, like the two Americans Foulland and Johnson, but also Giuri and many others, including young people, with great talent. However, we must look at Udine as a whole and not in its singles. We have already faced it, it has been able to put us in difficulty, but now we know its qualities well and it is precisely against these qualities that we have to work hard to build the victory, giving our best for our colors ».
Gianluca Buonocore
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