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Cortina Express, the final seven-day sled

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Claudia Fiabane and Martina Fantinel on the wall

The first leg will be played on 19 and 20 June, the return the following weekend Space for the recovery of important players such as Garzaro, Fantinel and Fiabane

Under the net in the middle of summer. Not the green volleyball net, and not even the “beach” one: that of the B2 playoffs. In fact, the Cortina Express Belluno season will last a week longer than expected. But one last effort is needed, or rather two, to pursue a goal – that of promotion to B1 – which until a few months ago was difficult even to imagine. Federvolley has decided to postpone the matches of the fourth round of the B2 women’s playoffs by one week (this is due to some matches postponed for “overt cases of positivity”). This weekend, therefore, the people of Belluno will remain in the pits. The first leg matches will be played between Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 June, the return matches on 26 and 27.

Waiting for the opponents

It is not yet possible to know the name of the opponents of the Cortina Express in the fourth round. You may already know, however, that the Lupe will play within the friendly walls of race-1 (probably on Sunday 20, since on Saturday 19 at De Mas the Da Rold Belluno will play the promotion to A3) and away from home race-2. This is by virtue of the detached ranking which, at the moment (but two recoveries are missing), sees the Belluno people in last place for two 3-0 defeats against the crushers Conegliano (the other team that lost both matches of the third round for 3-0, Pomezia has a slightly more favorable points quotient). The postponement could make it possible to recover important players such as Garzaro, Fantinel and Fiabane.

Robazza supports Belluno

And with the Conegliano shirt, on Saturday evening, Elena Robazza celebrated her promotion to Serie B1, a player who, on several occasions, represented women’s volleyball in Belluno. «There was a big gap between us and Belluno», explains Robazza, «because we wanted to take home the promotion to B1 at all costs and celebrate as soon as possible. We played a great match, all playing quietly on the pitch. But I think that if Belluno will recover the important players who were missing the other night, everything is possible. So yeah, I think they can play it. In the league they proved to be among the strongest teams in the group, also tearing us two sets. My wish for them is to recover their strength to face the last phase as much as possible ».

In what relationship did you stay with the Belluno environment? «In Belluno», underlines the former captain, «I was welcomed back with open arms when I returned from the South, before returning to Conegliano. And this year too, when we met, we never missed a smile or a hug. To Dario Pavei, Claudio Casanova and all the girls I wish you a big good luck for the next phase ».

Even in the return final at the Zoppas Arena, Conegliano proved to be the best Italian B2 formation. .. «Belluno took the field without three important components, a choice probably made to give them an adequate recovery in view of the next phase. We have prepared ourselves well and, regardless of who is on the other side of the network, we have shown that we are in charge in our house. Now it’s time to enjoy the promotion and the well-deserved rest after almost 10 months of training ».

A well-deserved rest that the Cortina Express will not be able to afford yet. At least for another twenty days or so.Nicola Pasuch

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