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Calcio Catania, is a soap opera: it deals with the Maltese group but Tacopina reappears

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Today begins a new eventful week and awaits the response of the Maltese group expected at any moment at the Village of Torre del Grifo. The Sigi partners have moved in different directions by getting in touch with foreign but also local entrepreneurs and yesterday Sunday the rumor of the involvement of a sheikh from Dubai also spread in the city but beware at this moment everything and more is said about Catania and you have to be careful of possible “urban legends”.

Last Saturday there was a meeting of the Sigi in which, among other things, not all the shareholders participated and according to some rumors there are divergences of views and this too is not too surprising. Even the exact number of members of the Spa that owns the Rossazzurro club is not officially known: there are those who speak of 24, others of 26 members. There is certainly no good air in Torre del Grifo and a climate of great uncertainty remains.

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More will be available in the middle of the week since the answers that were already expected on Saturday have not yet arrived. The corporate situation of Catania remains confused and beyond the transactions with the Municipality of Mascalucia and the Revenue Agency whose final decision that belongs to Palermo could be taken at any moment, it is also hoped that private creditors continue to be patient.


The Italian-American lawyer after having been in Venice and Padua a few days ago, yesterday he spent Sunday in Ferrara where he also met with the general manager of Spal, Andrea Gazzoli. With them there were also other American friends of Tacopina. It took just a few minutes and the photo appeared on social media, there was also talk of an approach by the Italian-American manager also to Cesena, but Tacopina in the evening wanted to make a clarification: “I made up my mind not to speak, but I am forced to say that as far as I’m concerned the negotiation with Catania is not yet closed. My main objective remains the purchase of the Etna company, I still hope so but it depends on Sigi, which must provide the certifications on debt relief ┬╗. This is the message of Joe Tacopina and as it can be seen without offending anyone, it seems to be watching a soap opera.

The loss is understandable and the concern of the Rossazzurri fans who, after years of disappointments, would like a team able to return within a reasonable time to the football that counts and instead continues to move forward amid rumors, denials, stamped papers and unfortunately also Courts.

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It is possible that we cannot say to the supporters of the greatest city football expression, namely Catania Calcio, how are things really? Mayor Pogliese never as in this moment his speech could serve to clarify ideas. You, who are well aware of the situation inside the Rossazzurro club and also the people who are part of it, including Tacopina, seem to be in a position to explain to the city what is happening while avoiding that this long and complex story goes beyond exasperation because this story does not if you can just more.

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