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Xi Jinping asked to change the tone of propaganda British media: too late | Wolf Warriors | Tell a good Chinese story

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[Epoch Times June 07, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Xu Jian compiled a report) Recently, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China Xi Jinping asked propaganda agencies to “work hard to create a credible, lovely, and respectable image of China”, which triggered a discussion from the outside world. Western commentators believe that no one in the international community buys the CCP’s account anymore, and the West’s antagonistic attitude is getting tougher.

“The Guardian” published a foreign affairs commentator Simon. Article by Simon Tisdall. He said that Xi Jinping’s speech on May 31 seemed to imply that he wanted to fix up with Western society, but Western society would not listen to these words unless the CCP’s radical policies really changed.

The article said, “Since he came to power in 2012, Xi Jinping has led to a shift in domestic politics to authoritarianism, and he is demanding more’confidence’ externally-this is a polite way of’bullying’. He has established an unprecedented individual since the Mao Zedong era A cult-like rule that is close to a cult.”

Tisdal analyzes that when Xi Jinping asked the arrogant “wolf” to show the world a more “cute” and “humble” image, he was actually criticizing himself and his own management style.

The article also said that since the rulers of the Chinese Communist Party do not need to win the support of ordinary voters, they use fear, political cunning and brute force to rule, and all this has nothing to do with “loveliness”.

Tisdal also said that from another perspective, like ultra-left politicians and neo-Marxists around the world, Xi Jinping believes that it is not his policies that have any problems, but that others have failed to explain and communicate these policies effectively.

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In his speech, Xi Jinping mentioned that propaganda agencies should “continuously expand the circle of international public opinion friends who know China and friends” and “help foreign people realize that the Communist Party of China is really fighting for the happiness of the Chinese people.” Tisdal analyzed, is it Xi Jinping Do you really believe that people believe this kind of dream talk? As a man who tried to replace the United States as the global hegemon, his words showed his amazing naivety.

The National Foundation for Democracy in Washington said that the CCP has been trying to control the right to speak, expand the influence of the media on a global scale, and influence public opinion through propaganda, false information and censorship. “Beijing uses many subtle methods to infiltrate its content. Foreign media, for example, through content sharing agreements, allow hundreds of millions of news consumers around the world to frequently view, read, or listen to information created or influenced by the CCP without knowing its (true) source.”

Tisdal’s article also mentioned that the CCP has strangled Hong Kong and bullied Taiwan. Last week, the CCP’s suppression of the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre intensified. Hong Kong media were told not to mention June Fourth, more people were arrested, and the annual vigil to commemorate June Fourth was banned.

The CCP’s siege of Taiwan is also blatant, and the CCP army often invades its airspace in a high-profile and provocative manner. “The shameful failure of Western society in defending Hong Kong has made him (Xi Jinping) more bold and reckless, and people are increasingly worried that he may soon resort to force (against Taiwan).” The article said.

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The article also mentioned that in addition to Hong Kong and Taiwan, the CCP is aggressive towards other countries such as India, South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Australia. It has continuously staged cruel stories of intimidation, evasion of guilt and aggression, which are completely opposite to the “good neighborly coexistence” that Beijing is trying to create. . At present, the list of Western society’s dissatisfaction with the CCP is growing almost every day. The international community has reached a critical point and can no longer tolerate the crudeness of the CCP.

Tisdal also analyzed that even if Xi Jinping is willing, he may not be able to change the current line, because once the fire of belligerent nationalism is ignited, it will get out of control. In addition, the West is stepping up its liquidation of the CCP. The upcoming G7 summit will help Western societies form a new anti-communist alliance, punitive sanctions, escalation of diplomatic conflicts and trade disputes, as well as laboratory virus leaks under investigation by the West. The attitude of going out of the West is getting tougher.

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