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Tricesimo, chorus of protests on the Pontebbana traffic light: in a month and a half, over a thousand penalties were imposed

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THIRTEENTH. Its installation had been announced by the municipal administration to solve the traffic and safety problems in the urban center of Tricesimo.

But since, just over a month and a half ago, the traffic light on the Pontebbana state road came into operation, the rain of fines that hit motorists who did not respect the rules of the road caused a chorus of protests: over 400 penalties imposed in April and 694 in May.

Among the people sanctioned also the tricesimani, some of whom have collected more than one: there are those who threaten an appeal, those who have turned to the mayor, those who swear they have been unjustly fined.

“We had to run for cover – explains the mayor Giorgio Baiutti – to ensure safety. 550 trucks a day and thousands of cars pass on that stretch of road. The road cuts into two villages and on both sides there are hundreds of houses.

The square on which we installed the T-Red is located at the convergence of five roads and there were not a few motorists who, relying on visibility, also passed with red, then at night some trucks did so even passing at 70 km per hour.

The system, which came into operation in mid-April, is equipped with a computer system managed by Maggioli and equipped with cameras that record passages even at night. It is the municipal police who ascertain the violations – Baiutti specifies -, while the preparation of the report and the delivery to the motorist is the responsibility of the company. Out of more than a thousand penalties, only about sixty concern the residents ».

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The deputy mayor and councilor for security, Renato Barbalace, defends the work of the T-Reds, recalling the complaints of fellow citizens in relation to road accidents: “The traffic lights are not used to make cash – highlights Barbalace – we are available to find other solutions to protect the safety of citizens, but no proposals have yet arrived.

The devices produce a series of frames for each detected infringement, documenting the passage of a vehicle that has continued its march despite the traffic light flashing red light (violations pursuant to article 146 paragraph 3 of the CdS) or passing the stop line before the which the driver is obliged to stop the vehicle. The municipal administration has repeatedly announced the installation of the traffic light ».

The amount of the fine is € 116.90 plus another 15.30 if paid within 5 days, from the 6th to the 60th day it is 167 plus 15.30, with a deduction of 6 points from the license for the passage with the red. If you do not communicate the data on the driver, however, the fine can reach 291 euros, reduced by 30% within the first five days.

As for the timing, the deputy mayor clarifies that «the orange must last, by law, at least 3 seconds, our traffic light is set for more than 5 seconds. The safety of users in such a busy intersection – he observes – is a guarantee for fellow citizens ». –

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