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Strettoia, all the way to Pont Canavese: last demolitions then the road is widened

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The second lot of the works is nearing completion. A third will remain, but the bulk of the work is finished


The works of the metropolitan city for the enlargement of provincial road 47, in the town of Villanuova di Pont, are well underway. After the first lot built in recent years, consisting of the demolition of some old houses bought years ago by the Municipality with funds from the Province for this very purpose, work on the second lot has been underway since March.

Concrete cliffs and stone walls

The support works necessary for the widening of the carriageway are already practically completed, that is the cemented cliffs made with large boulders and a wall made of side-by-side micropiles, defined in the technical language of “Berlin of micropiles” (structure often used as a support for an excavation or to consolidate landslide roads) which will be lined with local stone. Now, the Deiro construction company, which has been entrusted with the execution of the works for an amount of 290 thousand euros, is proceeding with the planned demolition of a section of the enclosure wall of the former Sandretto.

The intervention will be completed with asphalting, road barriers, new signage. Therefore, the bottleneck of Villanuova di Pont, one of the most critical points of the provincial road of the Soana Valley, is about to be almost eliminated (a stretch of it remains upstream), where motorists and especially the drivers of large heavy vehicles, such as buses and truck trailers were often forced to perform long and dangerous reversing maneuvers, since it was impossible to move in both directions at the same time.

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Decades of waiting

The elimination of this bottleneck was an intervention invoked for decades, planned for years, but which became really feasible only in 2018, thanks in particular to the interest of the metropolitan and regional councilor Mauro Fava. With the completion of the second lot, access to the villages of the Soana Valley and the numerous hamlets of Pont at the mouth of the valley (such as Pian Rastello, Mont Pont, Bausano, Configliacco, Stroba) will certainly be improved, without to count that the viability will be further improved once the ongoing demolition of an old industrial building is completed, which you meet, going up from Pont, in the curve where the bottleneck began.

As mentioned, however, once the second lot is finished, there will still remain a stretch of bottleneck, probably the subject of a third intervention, which is, however, less dangerous, given that it is possible to pass “on sight”, that is, being a short straight he sees who arrives in the other direction and transits alternately. –

Ornella De Paoli

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