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Public hearing to resolve public worries for judicial assistance

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Original Title: Public Hearings for Judicial Aid to Solve People’s Worries

○○All media reporter Fu Huazhou

Correspondent Su Yu

Evening News: “How is the state judicial assistance recommended by the prosecutors determined for the applicant?” “Should the defendant’s family be liable for compensation to the victim?”… On the 7th, the Municipal People’s Procuratorate held a public hearing and invited representatives of the National People’s Congress , CPPCC members, people’s supervisors, etc., acted as hearing officers, and successively conducted hearings and comments on the two cases of intentional homicide victims’ families applying for national judicial assistance, and listened to the opinions of the court’s expert advisory members for reference in the final judicial assistance decision. On the same day, the court also held a press conference to inform all walks of life of the prosecution hearing work of the city’s procuratorial organs.

Procuratorial hearings are a powerful measure for procuratorial organs to serve the people and resolve conflicts and disputes. Since 2020, the city’s procuratorial organs have convened 92 procuratorial hearings in criminal, civil, administrative, and public interest litigation cases, giving full play to procuratorial hearings to resolve social conflicts, promote social governance, and implement justice for the people. , The important role of enhancing the credibility of the procuratorate.

In March of this year, the People’s Procuratorate of Yufeng District invited five hearing members including deputies to the National People’s Congress and members of the CPPCC to conduct a hearing on an application for national judicial assistance. After deliberation, the hearing members believed that the case met the conditions for judicial assistance and agreed to the judicial assistance plan made by the People’s Procuratorate of Yufeng District. In the end, the procuratorate decided to grant the judicial aid applicants Liang and Qin 60,000 yuan in judicial aid to alleviate the applicant’s family life difficulties and Qin’s education and treatment expenses.

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The procuratorial and hearing work has been widely supported by the public in our city. Since last year, a total of 423 hearing officers, including deputies to the National People’s Congress, members of the CPPCC, and people’s supervisors, have been invited to participate in the procuratorial hearings held by the city’s procuratorial organs. The majority of hearing officers agreed with the procuratorial organ’s preliminary handling opinions in 87 cases, accounting for 94.57% of the total number of hearing cases.

The city’s two-level procuratorate passed procuratorial hearings and completely resolved 91 conflicts and disputes. Among them, the People’s Procuratorate of Liucheng County resolved a six-year-long dispute over petitions through public hearings.

(Source: Liuzhou Evening News)

(Editor in charge: DF506)

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