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Jiaxing City Holds the Launching Ceremony of 2021 Food Safety Promotion Week and “Zhejiang Food Chain-Zongzi Special” application promotion activities

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Jiaxing City Holds the Launching Ceremony of 2021 Food Safety Promotion Week and “Zhejiang Food Chain-Zongzi Special” application promotion activities

Release date: 2021-06-11 14:18
Source of information: Municipal Market Supervision Bureau

On June 10th, the launching ceremony of Jiaxing Food Safety Publicity Week 2021 and the application promotion activities of “Zhejiang Food Chain-Zongzi Special” jointly organized by the Office of Jiaxing Food and Drug Safety Committee and Xiuzhou District Food and Drug Safety Committee Office were held in Xiuzhou The National High-tech Zone Photovoltaic Science and Technology Museum was held. Ye Yanxin, the fourth-level investigator of the Food Safety Coordination Division of the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, Zhu Guonong and Zhang Zhiming, the deputy directors of the Jiaxing Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, Feng Lei, the director of the Xiuzhou District Market Supervision Bureau, and relevant member units of the Jiaxing Food and Drug Safety Commission and the counties (cities, cities, District) Market Supervision Bureau (sub-bureau) representatives, representatives of food industry associations, rice dumpling manufacturers, and food safety volunteers attended the launching ceremony.

At the launching ceremony, the “Zhejiang Food Chain” special class of the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau introduced the functional modules of the “Zhe Food Chain” system, and representatives of Wufangzhai enterprises introduced the pilot application of the “Zhe Food Chain” system. The Jiaxing Food Industry Association asked The majority of zongzi production and business units launched a collective initiative to make a commitment to the general public to use the “Zhejiang Food Chain” to ensure food safety. Zhu Guonong, Member of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, made an important speech, fully affirming the achievements of our city in food safety work in recent years, and at the same time requiring all relevant departments to further implement General Secretary Jin Ping’s “Four Most Strict Food Safety” “Requirements, consolidate the responsibilities of all parties, continue to increase supervision and law enforcement, strengthen social governance and joint construction, weave the food safety “protection net” more densely and firmly, and celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party with excellent results.

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During the period, the participants also visited the Zongzi product “Zhejiang Food Chain” coding exhibition area, and visited the Zongyi Gallery in Wufangzhai Industrial Park to carry out on-site experience and exchanges.

Since our province has promoted the use of the “Zhejiang Food Chain” system in the food industry, our city has taken Zongzi production enterprises as the pilot unit to strengthen organization, launching and publicity guidance. Jiaxing Zongzi enterprises actively responded and participated actively, and the “Zhe Food Chain” system has been improved An important means for enterprise production process control and food safety. Up to now, 27 of the 35 registered zongzi enterprises in the city have been completed and met the standards in accordance with the construction standards of the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau.

Through the “Zhejiang Food Chain” system, producers and operators can carry out relevant information declaration, product sales, inventory counting, and electronic purchase inspection records; they can also perform “factory sunshine”, “batch inspection”, and “sample code” “” and other functional operations, as well as the upstream market operating entity to carry out the “tracking from time to time” functional operation after obtaining the authorization of the downstream market operating entity. Consumers can get a clear picture of the “ins and outs” of the food they buy by scanning the QR code, and truly realize “understanding of buying and selling, transparency of consumption, and rest assured of eating”. So far, Jiaxing City has activated 482 food production entities, 376 production entities that have achieved construction tasks, and 94 companies that have video access to Sunshine Factory; 561 food circulation entities have been activated, and 278 entities that have completed construction tasks have achieved remarkable results.

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In the next step, our city will focus on the promotion theme of “Advocating Frugality and Trust, Protecting Chinese Food in the Sun”, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of relevant departments at all levels and all walks of life, and focus on organizing and carrying out food safety “you point me inspection” “Series of activities, food safety new media law popularization activities, food production enterprise main responsibility performance report activities, “lab open day” activities, green food consumption science activities, campus food safety knowledge publicity and education activities, and crimes in the food field (Interpretation) A series of publicity and education activities such as publicity, “Food Safety Port Tour” activities. Counties (cities, districts) will also organize various publicity activities with rich content to drive the whole society to participate in food safety governance and promote the formation of a pattern of co-governance, joint construction and sharing.

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