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[Game News]Two Point Campus announces Crazy Campus for you to play-ezone.hk-game animation-e-sports games

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As E3 2021 approaches, various manufacturers have released new works one after another. SEGA announced the rumored “Two Point Campus” two-point campus, continuing the management gameplay of “Two Point Hospital”, allowing players to build their “crazy campus” in their hearts. It is scheduled to be launched in 2022.

  • Announcement of “Two Point Campus”
  • Scheduled to launch in 2022

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The business simulation game “Two Point Hospital” that inherits the concept of classic works has been well received. SEGA Europe Ltd. and Two Point Studios have recently officially released the new work “Two Point Campus”, which is scheduled to be launched on PC and host platforms simultaneously in 2022. The game allows players to create a dream campus by themselves and guide students to the right path. All the big and small things in this university must be taken care of by one hand. The campus, the building and the surrounding environment can be creative freely, and the courses offered are also very interesting, such as practicing the spear contest at the Cavalier Academy, and practicing the noble chivalry spirit; joining the gastronomy course to hone the cooking skills, and work together Delightful delicacies, such as Big Mac Pizza or Giant Pie. In addition, it is necessary to understand students’ personality and temperament and take care of their life expectations and needs. Players who are dissatisfied with the real education system will definitely not miss this game.

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