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“Mobile Suit Gundam Flash Hathavi” will be on Netflix

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Sunrise / Netflix

Netflix announced that it has successfully obtained the latest set of “Mobile Suit Gundam Shining Hassawi” movie, which is adapted from the original novel by Tomino Yoshiyuki, and belongs to the follow-up of the story of UC Universe “Masha’s Counterattack”. The protagonist of the story is Caesarwei Noah, the eldest son of legendary captain Bradu Noah, who acts as an anti-earth federal government organization Mafati.

The original plan for “The Shining Hasavi” was to be released in Japan in July last year. However, the continuation of the new crown epidemic caused them to repeatedly postpone it. It is said that the local area will be in theaters today on June 11th. According to Netflix only mentioned “coming soon” in the trailer, I believe it will be on the shelves after the movie theater exclusive period.

Earlier, Netflix also confirmed that it will release the newcomer version of the “Gundam” movie. At the same time, many past animation works have been put on the streaming platform, and a group of “Gundam” fans can finally relive this wonderful animation story.

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