Home Business Stock exchanges, inflation and the ECB are holding hands. At Piazza Affari he holds the Ferrari counter

Stock exchanges, inflation and the ECB are holding hands. At Piazza Affari he holds the Ferrari counter

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On the key day of the ECB and American inflation, European stock exchanges are moving in search of direction. Decisions on monetary policy and the economic picture that will paint the number one are expected from Frankfurt, Christine Lagarde. Furthermore, in the afternoon, the important data onUS inflation, followed by the Federal Reserve, whose armed wing FOMC, will meet next week, June 15 and 16. Economists expect that in May the consumer price index rose by 4.7% compared to a year earlier, lengthening the pace compared to + 4.2% in April, the highest since 2008. Meanwhile, Europe has reached the US president, Joe Biden, who will participate in the G7 in Cornwall tomorrow. In US futures they are pointing upwards.

In Milan to follow Ferrari, banking and securities linked to the recovery

At Piazza Affari he remains under the Ferrari lens, after the drop of more than 2% recorded on the eve, the day in which Benedetto Vigna was appointed new CEO. However, analysts appreciated the choice, bearing in mind that he could be the right manager to lead the transition to electric. The decision of the ECB will probably move the stocks linked to the recovery and those of the banks. Outside the main basket, pay attention to Unieuro while waiting for the presentation of the strategic plan. Juventus Fc is also in the spotlight, after the Uefa Appeals Commission has decided to suspend disciplinary proceedings against the team as well as against Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​i.e. the clubs that refuse to give up the Super League project until further notice. .

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Euro below 1.22 dollars, weak oil

On the foreign exchange front, the euro has returned below the threshold of 1.22 dollars, above which it had sailed for most of yesterday: it stood at 1.2166 dollars (yesterday closing at 1.2185) . The currency is also worth 133.22 yen (133.53), while the dollar / yen is equal to 109.49 (109.58). Finally on the day of publication of the OPEC report, oil is weak: the wti contract in July loses 0.63 to 69.52 dollars a barrel

Tokyo closes slightly higher pending US inflation

Slightly higher closing for the Tokyo Stock Exchange The Nikkei index gained 0.34% to reach 28,958.56 points. The Japanese market has experienced another interlocutory session that has gone along with the lackluster session recorded on Wall Street waiting for the data on US inflation expected for today to clarify the prospects on the fate of the ultra-accommodative monetary policy carried out by European central banks and American. The broader Topix index also made little movement, ending the session with a gain of 0.10% to reach 1,957.15 points.

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