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Pork prices continue to fall, where does meat products “go”? _ Oriental Fortune Network

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Original title: Pork prices continue to fall, where does meat products “go”?

□ He Xinrong Yang Youzong

According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, through monitoring of the country’s 500 county fairs and collection points, the national average pork price was 29.45 yuan/kg in the first week of June, down 4.7% from the previous week and 36% year-on-year.

At Yili Baozi Shop in Xuhui District, Shanghai, consumers are queuing to buy steamed buns at breakfast. The owner, Mr. Chen, introduced: “Meat buns are two yuan and five yuan each, and vegetarian buns are two yuan each. The price has not been adjusted for more than half a year.”

Not only the meat buns, the reporter visited many supermarkets and convenience stores and found that the prices of finished pork products such as cooked foods, ham sausages, and sausages have not been lowered following this round of meat price declines.

In a Carrefour supermarket in Shanghai, 320 grams of Jinluo Meat Sausage is priced at 16.8 yuan, and 400 grams of Shuanghui Wangzhongwang premium ham sausage is priced at 13.8 yuan. Shopping guide Wang Chunxia said that none of these products have undergone price adjustments recently. From the perspective of sales, it has basically remained stable.

On the investor relations interactive platform, there are investorsShuanghui DevelopmentQuestion: The price of live pigs has fallen sharply this year, what impact will it have on the cost and selling price of the company’s products?Shuanghui DevelopmentReply: The drop in pig prices will help the slaughter industry and meat products reduce costs. The price of fresh products will follow the market, and the price of packaged meat products is relatively stable.

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“The high-quality pork belly in the supermarket last year was as high as 37-8 yuan a catty, and now it has dropped by more than ten yuan. Why haven’t the prices of ham and cooked food dropped?” Mr. Zhao, a 68-year-old Shanghai citizen, was puzzled. .

In this regard, some merchants and enterprises said that it was mainly for the consideration of sharing the initial cost and maintaining the stability of the terminal price.

-Apportion of the previous cost. The owner of Yili Baozi Shop, Mr. Chen, said that his bun shop buys about 40 catties of pork every day. The purchase price has dropped from the high of 267 yuan per catty in the previous period to about 18 yuan per catty today. “When the price of meat was high, the meat buns were also sold for 2.5 yuan. There was no price increase at that time, and the price will not be reduced now.”

Mr. Chen told reporters that when the price of meat was high, the store he ran sold meat buns for about three months without making money or even lost about 0.1 yuan each. Now he can make up for the previous losses.

– Maintain price stability and maintain brand image. In the frozen area of ​​a Zhongbai supermarket in Wuhan, dumplings weighing 720 grams of leek pork, shepherd’s purse pork and other fillings are priced at 24.9 yuan per bag. Shopping guide Miss Wu said that she is in charge of the quick-frozen food area all year round, and there are very few cases where the price of dumplings changes due to changes in meat prices. “If it rises today and falls tomorrow, consumers will feel that there is a problem with your product, instead of buying it.”

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A related person in charge of a listed company that produces ham sausage also said that maintaining the terminal price basically stable is an important role in maintaining the corporate brand image. “Take ham sausage as an example. If the price is adjusted too frequently, it will have a certain impact on the dealer system, which is not conducive to the final sales.Performance。”

–The price will not drop, but promotional measures will be taken to give consumers a concession.A chain of cooked food companiesExecutivesThe reporter told the reporter that the large amount of raw materials used by the company is pork head meat, trotters and pig ears, and the prices have remained stable in the past two years. “On the one hand, we and the upstreamnew HopeBreeding companies such as, Wen’s and others have long-term cooperative relationships, and purchase prices are not as drastic as market fluctuations. On the other hand, in the case of a sharp drop in meat prices, although our cooked food products will not be reduced in price, we will adopt promotional measures such as 20% discount for members and buy 3 get 1 free on specific dates to give consumers benefits. “

As the price of pork is rightConsumer Price Index(CPI) The impact is great, and all parties are paying great attention to it. In contrast, the price of meat products is basically market-priced, and government intervention is minimal.

Open source securitiesAnalystHuang Zihang said that in terms of pricing strategies for food companies, some are based on cost pricing, and some are based on demand. “Therefore, the drop in raw material prices does not necessarily lead to a reduction in the prices of manufactured products. Of course, if pork prices remain stable, it will also be beneficial to downstream industries.”

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The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs recently stated that in the future it will guide the scientific planning of the distribution of pig breeding in the region, and increaseJohnsonCohesion of pig production and sales planning. Encourage the exploration of a long-term mechanism for compensating production areas for sales areas, support the development of live pig production in major producing provinces, and promote the creation of standardized demonstrations for pig breeding.

(Source: International Business Daily)

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