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U.S. gun violence continues to be criticized by gun-holding groups for encouraging freedom of gun rights

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U.S. gun violence continues to be criticized by gun groups that encourage freedom of gun rights

Hangzhou Net release time: 2021-06-09 16:52

CCTV News Client reported from the evening of June 7 to the early morning of June 8, local time, shootings occurred in Houston, Texas, and New York, New York. The shootings that have occurred frequently in the past few days have once again pushed gun control to the center of public opinion, and some gun-holding groups have trumpeted the freedom of gun ownership, which has caused American public opinion to criticize the value of excessive pursuit of freedom regardless of social security.

In the early morning of June 8th, local time, a shooting occurred in a bar in Houston. According to local police, three suspects drove a car through the entrance of the bar at the time of the incident and shot at it, injuring five people. At the same time, Due to the crowds in the bar at that time, it is not ruled out that there were more injuries. The location of the incident was a local downtown area, where many bars and restaurants were open all night. At present, the police have mobilized more police forces to patrol the area.

In addition, on the evening of June 7, local time, a 57-year-old retired policeman was shot and killed in a shooting in Brooklyn, New York City. According to reports, the retired police officer heard a quarrel in a restaurant not far away on the night of the incident and went to check it. He saw a young man threatening an old man and then tried to stop him, but unexpectedly the situation Lost control and a shooting incident occurred, and then the retired policeman was hit by a bullet and killed him.

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According to data from the Gun Violence Archives network, as of now, at least 19,025 people have died from gun violence in the United States in 2021, including 130 children and 530 adolescents. Although the proliferation of guns has posed a serious threat to public security and caused tens of thousands of American families to experience bereavement, some gun-owning groups still advocate the so-called rights and freedom of gun ownership. On June 7, local time, hundreds of members of the gun-owned group gathered around the Harrisburg City Council, the capital of Pennsylvania, for a rally. It is reported that the group will hold a similar rally every year, during which it encourages people to buy guns and promotes that gun ownership is a basic personal freedom. In this regard, some American people expressed their opposition. Many people believe that the excessive pursuit of individual freedom is in fact an unrestrained indulgence of desire and at the same time an erosion of collective freedom. A father who lost his daughter in the shooting urged people who have experienced the pain of bereavement to bravely express their voices and force the government to strengthen gun control. (CCTV reporter Liu Xiaoqian Xu Xiao)

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