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“The final in Monigo is the incentive to win”

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“Technically, something can be corrected but the mental aspect is the most important”

Silvano Focarelli / Treviso

Today at Ghirada the preparation of Benetton Rugby resumes in its most important week, the one that on Saturday will lead to the Bridgend Brewery Field match against the Ospreys: success, even by a single point at the last second, and a place is guaranteed in the final of the Rainbow Cup on Saturday 19th in Monigo.

Training will continue every day at Ghirada except Thursday, free for everyone. The Ospreys after being beaten by Connacht have nothing more to ask from the ranking, the fact remains that the Lions will still have their duty to go home with success.

«Regardless of the classification, they remain a strong team» acknowledges the hooker Gianmarco Lucchesi «I really don’t think they will let us win and we must not be influenced by anything. It’s the most important race of the season and we have to get closer as we always have, we can’t let our guard down right now ».

Is being master of your own destiny a good advantage?

“Absolutely. We just have to win, it would not even be enough to lose with the bonus (the two points with a draw with 4 tries are insufficient ed): we are aware of it, we knew that everything would be decided in the end. A final is never forgotten ».

Would a Cup final in Treviso without Benetton be a contradiction?

«It is the main stimulus that is motivating us these days. At the beginning we told ourselves to face every game with determination without thinking long term, as we came from a disappointing Pro 14. At this point we know that the possibility exists, it would be incredible to participate in the Cup final against a South African opponent in our home and especially with the fans. I only managed to play once with the public, I would like to repeat that experience ».

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How is the preparation going?

“We are focusing on Saturday: technically we can always correct something but the most important is the mental aspect, of concentration”.

Aren’t you afraid of pressure overload?

«The group is very united, we are aware of our strength: maybe the pressure will be there but it will all depend on us. If we play like in recent weeks, I believe that in the end we will be able to do it. This Benetton without Covid, injuries and national teams has become a real team. Certain mechanisms that needed time to be prepared were not there before, now we are all together and they work ».

The departure for Wales, with the usual Ryanair charter, will take place on Saturday 12, the morning of the match that will be played in the evening at 20.35 local time, 21.35 Italian time. Return home the same night.

Tickets for the final in Monigo (kick off at 18.30) on Saturday 19 June will go on sale this week: Benetton, which organizes the event, is waiting to know exactly how many spectators will be admitted to the stands. The minimum number is 1000 but probably, with the Veneto white region, it could be even more. ––

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