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Multiple tests Brazzo and Tozzato provincial champions

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They are David Brazzo (Atl. S. Biagio) and Alessia Tozzato (Atl. Ponzano) the new provincial cadet champions of multiple tests. Brazzo won in the exathlon with 3122 points. Male title of company at the Atl-Etica S. Vendemiano (Marco Altinier, Daniele Rui, Giacomo Ruffoni). Tozzato won the pentathlon with 3137 points. Provincial company gold for Atl. Ponzano (Alessia Tozzato, Carlotta Pivato, Arianna Berto). CADETS. Esathlon: 1. David Brazzo (Atl. S. Biagio) 3122 (16 “91/100 hs; 5.32 / long; 36.79 / javel .; 1.71 / high; 24.51 / disc; 3’31” 57/1000), 2. Matteo Giusto (Atl. Villorba) 2938, 3. Marco Altinier (Atl-Etica S. Vendemiano) 2193. CADETTE. Pentathlon: 1. Alessia Tozzato (Atl. Ponzano) 3137 points (13 “88/80 hs; 21.48 / javel .; 1.47 / high; 4.68 / long; 1’55” 23/600); 2. Veronica Zanardo (VFGroup Atl. Santa Lucia) 2970, 3. Ludovica De Luca (VFGroup Atl. S. Lucia) 2721.

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