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Macron and the slap of the anarchist: the shock video – Foreign

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Drome (France), 8 June 2021 – The president Emmanuel Macron slapped in the face by an anarchist in front of everyone. It happened in Drome, in the south-east of France, where Macron received a slap in the face from a man, to whom the president had approached, for the customary greetings, although protected by the barriers, during the classic crowd bath.
Macron is making a tour in the Drome department, the second stage of his “tour de France of the territories” and at a certain point he approached a group of people who wanted to greet him. But one of these gave him an unpleasant surprise.

The video of the slap immediately ended up on social media, where it is depopulating. Hard people were stopped. Not that the author of the gesture wanted to hide: the presidential slapper shortly before he called himself “anarchist” to the newspaper ‘Quotidien’, reports ‘Le Figaro’. From the images of the video circulating on the web it is clearly young and also quite robust. He wore glasses. A moment before striking the French president, he seems to have said: “Down with macronism“.

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