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“Come on Belluno.” The cheering of three former Serie A for the final wait

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The great Volleyball Belluno when playing in Serie A

De Barba: «Poletto’s team has no weaknesses». Bassanello: «I love Colussi, I also trained him». Bortot: “14 races in a row are not won by chance”

Three giants in the history of provincial volleyball shout “Forza Belluno” in chorus. On the eve of the first Serie B playoff final between Bologna and Da Rold Logistics, Pino Bassanello, Fabio Bortot and Walter De Barba are aiming and hoping for Diego Poletto’s team. Going to the A3 series would mean reviving the glories of the past.

Pino Bassanello

«I have seen Volleyball Belluno mainly through my cell phone. I liked it from a psychological point of view. It is a determined team “, explains the former Belluno hammer at the time of Serie A,” you can see that it is compact, united and plays for a common goal. And he also has a good technician. It is a collective that can aspire to something more than Serie B. Stravedo for the setter, Colussi, one who also played in A2 and that I myself coached many years ago in Pordenone, still in its infancy. The opposite, Boz, is definitely one more weapon. But, in general, Belluno has the right pieces in the right place. And even with Monselice he proved it. We are suffering for a moment in reception, but it may be due to the stakes ».

How do you live these final ten days?

«Always being very close, one next to the other, sharing the desire to achieve the result at all costs. I don’t know the opposing team, but I know the values ​​of Belluno and they are certainly not second-order values. One can legitimately aspire to something more. Furthermore, this company is fortunate to have a president and a management that are very close to it. I know both Sandro and Stefano Da Rold well: they dedicate body and soul to the project ».

Fabio Bortot

«Belluno is a commendable season», says the former setter, now federal manager, «because a team that wins 14 games in a row has all the credentials to pursue such an important goal. Belluno has won against teams of all kinds: from the young and talented ones, to the more experienced ones. I don’t know Bologna, but if Belluno has reached this point it means that it has all the credentials to play it. And we hope it succeeds. Because Serie A would be a show ».

Any advice for Candeago and his companions?

«Help each other. Volleyball is yet another demonstration of the concept of team play. We will have to play trying to fill the gaps of the teammates in difficulty, each putting something more into it. Those who have already played in higher categories will be able to bring their experience to accompany the team. Those for which the category represents a first time, on the other hand, will bring that enthusiasm which, in the end, I believe will make the difference. It had been the same for us too: we arrived in Serie A with the enthusiasm of someone who lands in a reality that for years he had only dreamed of ».

Walter De Barba

«I followed them and I also saw several games on Youtube. They are a team that has no weaknesses “, guarantees the current president of Sedico, who in addition to being a player was also the coach of that Belluno,” and we have seen it with the results they have obtained. They have an experienced setter and a younger one, so they are well covered in that role. The power plants, then, in my opinion are the strong point, but the bands and the opposite are no less. Without forgetting the value of those who contributed to bringing this team to Serie B. I think, however, that the merit is above all of the Da Rold brothers, as well as of the managers who already led Volleyball Belluno like Gallina and the others. Competent and capable people are confirming themselves: volleyball from Belluno can only benefit from this ».

In such a difficult year, the Belluno volleyball tries to raise the bar …

«Certainly there are impeller steps to be taken, in a higher category. But the square deserves it, both for the past and for all the movement underneath. Men’s volleyball is in numerical difficulty everywhere. Here in Belluno we could be the example of the “few but good”. We hope, however, to grow also in numerical terms. It will take a lot of work at the base ».

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