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Tianjin’s temperature rises rapidly during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday up to 35 _ 东方 Fortune.com

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Original title: Tianjin’s temperature rises rapidly, the Dragon Boat Festival holiday can reach up to 35

  Tianjin Northern Network News:On the 10th, the Meteorological Department forecasted the weather in Tianjin during the Dragon Boat Festival. With the end of the two days of rainy weather, the temperature in Tianjin also rose rapidly. According to the forecast of the latest weather trends, during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, the highest temperature in the city will be 34-35, showing a continuous round of high temperature weather. Among them, on the first day of the holiday on June 12, the highest temperature will reach 34; the highest temperature on June 13 will be 35, and the highest temperature on June 14 will be 34. In the meantime, the city is dominated by sunny and cloudy, no precipitation process, and the weather is hot and dry. The citizens are reminded to go out and take good sun protection and hydration.

In addition, many citizens have found that rainfall occurs successively in Tianjin from evening to night, and there is almost no rain in the morning and during the day. The rainfall since June has been quite regular, especially in the past few days for the college entrance examination. Why does the rain always “Sa Huan’er” from the evening to the night?

In this regard, meteorological experts said that this summer rains are indeed rarely seen in the morning, and most of them are in the evening to night. This is because the atmospheric circulation has a certain periodicity. During this cycle, the cold air arrives in Tianjin in the afternoon, and when the water vapor conditions are good, it will rain; if the cold air comes later, it may rain in the evening until night. At present, the morning is generally a process of energy accumulation, paving the way for subsequent rainfall.

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According to meteorological monitoring and analysis, on the 11th, it was sunny and cloudy with light breeze, with a maximum temperature of 35 and a minimum of 20. (Fu Yongjun, editor of Jinyun News)

(Source: Northern Net)

(Editor in charge: DF506)

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