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Romano, vandals devastate the hydrangea: “Unworthy gesture”

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Very harsh press release from the municipal administration

ROMANO CANAVESE. The vandals have devastated the hydrangea of ​​Romano Canavese, a place loved by the citizens.

And the administration responded with a very harsh statement entitled “Vandalism, frustration, nastiness” which we publish in full: «We find ourselves once again denouncing these acts unworthy of any justification. Acts by people well aware of what they do, people with a civic sense under the deepest layer of their malaise. Who did you want to hit? Volunteers who work to keep the country in order? Is the city administration not in line with your political views? The Liberty and the hydrangea that you despise so much? Whatever your motivation, be proud of it, because today you hit the whole country. Country populated by children to whom you give this example;

Country populated by volunteers who believe in the territory in which they live; Country populated by associations that are the heart of the territory;

Country populated by traders, artists and entrepreneurs who have decided to open their business right here, but who knows why at this point; Country populated by elderly people still firmly rooted in their origins Covid has made the individual even more frustrated and miserable

A prayer addressed to you who are now gloating about your act “

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