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Rivers of drugs in Scafati: thus the group lost 500 thousand euros – breaking latest news

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SCAFATI – Drug trading on the Spain-Netherlands-Italy axis, with references to the territory and organized trips to buy the goods in Spain and Holland. Vincenzo Starita, alias “A ‘Strega”, had thought of everything to get his hands on the whole Agro shop. Logistic base and tasks of the allies: a group structured to the maximum according to the magistrates of the Salerno Antimafia. Cocaine, crack, hashish and amnesia: you bought everything.

The base in Scafati. The 41-year-old Starita coordinated everything at the headquarters of “Gp Rent”, a rental agency for vans and cars based in Scafati. Here, according to the investigators, “A ‘Strega” defined the agreements for the purchase of drugs to be collected abroad, with the logistics meticulously organized up to the supply of every single shop. From the “Gp Rent”, therefore, the first contacts with international suppliers started, deciding what to buy, to whom to entrust the load, up to defining the custody, processing and packaging of the doses. An alleged system that, for the Prosecutor’s Office, could count on large sums of money.

The supply skipped. That the group could count on huge capital can be seen from the various episodes that ended up under the magnifying glass of the Anti-Mafia Prosecutor of Salerno. Among these, the sale of April 2018 stands out, when Starita decides to invest 500 thousand euros for an impressive load of hashish. A purchase made in partnership with Salvatore and Mariano Bonavolta, with “A ‘Strega” who had allocated 200 thousand euros and the remainder covered by the other two allies. A sum then delivered to Spera, in charge of organizing the arrival of the cargo in the Agro Nocerino Sarnese. A purchase, however, never made due to a robbery – which for the investigators is presumed – which took place against Spera, with the entire sum taken away from the group based on action at the “Gp Rent” of Scafati. (a.t.g.)

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