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Pasticcio Lega in Belluno: Da Pian resigns and the seat goes to the “torpedoed” Dal Mas

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Paolo Luciani, Luciano Da Pian and Annalisa Dal Mas

Everything was ready to let Paolo Luciani in, but the preferences of the prefecture deceive the Carroccio

BELLUNO. The League loses its group leader in the city council and it is very likely that it will remain with only one director between now and the end of the term. Luciano Da Pian has submitted his resignation. Work and personal commitments, he confesses, led him to this decision.

In her place, Annalisa Dal Mas will join the council, but she has been excluded from the party and has yet to decide which group to sit in. And with Andrea Stella who has long since left the group to join Obiettivo Belluno – Fratelli d’Italia, the League now risks being left with only Marzio Sovilla to defend the banner.

The first of the non-elected on the Lega list was Rita Bristot, but she gave up. And here comes the mess. Because the definitive preferences are different, between the Prefecture and the Municipality. The data of the Prefecture (not definitive) say that Paolo Luciani has 34 preferences and Annalisa Dal Mas 30. The data of the Municipality, however, shift the preferences of Dal Mas to 36. The seat on the council belongs to her. Not to Luciani, as the League thought.

From Pian leaves

“I no longer have the time to perform the role of minority councilor well”, declares Luciano Da Pian. Who for at least two months has often been seen out and about with Paolo Bello (Pd) and Francesco Rasera Berna (Together for Belluno). Someone sees us approaching. “But no, they’re just dear friends,” Da Pian replies.

The four years spent in the council were a great experience for Da Pian: “I did what I could, even trying to lend a hand when necessary,” he concludes. “And I found some lovely people in the council. I leave without regrets ».

The Dal Mas bomb

“I accepted the subrogation in the municipal council of Belluno following the resignation of the councilor Da Pian”, says Annalisa Dal Mas in a note. “I reserve the right to shortly indicate to the president of the city council which council group to join, since, with other militant historians, there was exclusion from the Lega Salvini Premier party without having received reasons from the political secretariat”.

Dal Mas was the secretary of the League in Sedico for nine years. Last year he renewed the card, but it was never integrated, he explains. There was no lack of friction with the party on the occasion of the municipal in Sedico, won by the center-left civic led by Stefano Deon.

Therefore, Dal Mas will enter the council at the Lega quota without being part of the Lega. “I am proud and very motivated to be at the service of the community and of the Belluno area, I will try to be humbly available to every citizen who wants to bring requests and arguments to the attention of the council,” she adds.

The yellow

And Paolo Luciani? The council seat looked beautiful and set. But the preferences had been revised within days of the vote. The definitive ones are 36 for Annalisa Dal Mas, 34 for Paolo Luciani. The tables of the Prefecture, moreover, “are not of an official nature” is specified on the institutional site.

“The data refer to the communications received from the municipalities. The official proclamation of those elected is the prerogative of the meeting of the Presidents of the sections “.

«We sincerely thank our director Luciano Da Pian for the precious work done in recent years. We have made the League’s voice heard on important issues for the city and citizens, we have brought new activists closer to us ”, explains the coordinator of Lega Belluno, Franco Gidoni. “We know that he will continue to actively military within the party. We will verify in the coming days the discrepancy in the assignment of votes between the lists filed in the Municipality and in the Prefecture ».

To Annalisa Dal Mas, «a former militant within the League», the party’s press note reads, «the party welcomes the hemicycle of Palazzo Rosso and opens the doors for constructive and positive dialogue».

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