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Parents against the school canteen, the mayor of Udine does not rule out the revocation of the contract

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UDINE. The protest of the Udine families against the school catering service managed by the company Ep Spa moves from the school to the square. A dozen parents, led by Giovanni Bernardi (Mazzini’s father and spokesperson for the self-constituted committee) demonstrated with photos and signs in front of Palazzo D’Aronco. The request: a sign of openness from the administration. A signal that arrived shortly after: the mayor Pietro Fontanini and the councilor for education Elisa Asia Battaglia wanted to meet them. The municipal councilors Federico Pirone (Progetto Innovare), Enrico Bertossi and Giovanni Marsico (Prima Udine), Cinzia Del Torre (Pd), Rosaria Capozzi (M5S) and Lorenzo Patti (We are Udine) were present to support the event in via Lionello.

The objective of the protest is to have an adequate catering service even at the cost of paying a few cents more and it was detailed in a letter written by Amivi Noussoukpoe (Zardini canteen representative) and signed by 436 families of 13 plexuses (Zardini, Carducci , Boschetti Alberti, Marconi, Mazzini, Rodari, Zorutti, Girardini, Negri, Pascoli, Toppo Wassermann, Nievo and Garzoni Montessori).

Attached to the letter were the more than 400 signatures collected with the petition “We ask for an adequate school lunch service”, the satisfaction and evaluation questionnaires of the service and the results of a recent survey carried out in schools.

Among the parents present, Lauretta Gropasi (Boschetti Alberti) said: “Ours is a claim of common sense, we are normal families who only ask for more attention to have healthy, balanced and visually appealing meals for our children so that they do not feel different from the their companions “. Barbara Tugnolo (Toppo Wassermann) added that “during the year many families took their children out of the canteen, others in the days of returning in the afternoon make them have lunch elsewhere and bring them back to school or they had to rely on a babysitter service. to manage the disservice “.

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When the demonstration was dissolving, the mayor and councilor invited the delegation of parents to come up. “Despite the checks carried out by the Nas and the health company, we did not detect any objective deficiencies but we are committed to continuing to monitor – said Fontanini -, also evaluating the possibility of revoking the contract if there were the conditions”.

In thanking the collaborative and constructive attitude shown by his parents, Battaglia added: “We will seek constant dialogue with the representatives of the canteen commission and with the parents to solve the problems by rowing all in the same direction and we will talk about this next 21 June in the council commission. “Culture and Education” ».

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