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Nissan’s kitchen waste may be reduced to one tenth

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Original title: Nissan’s kitchen waste may be reduced to one-tenth

○○All media reporter Zhang Jie

Food waste is classified into, collected, transported and processed, and the resource utilization rate can reach more than 90%. This is one of the goals of domestic waste classification. In Chengzhong District Five-star Food Street, Chengzhong District Waste Sorting Office, Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau, Urban and Rural Cleaning Office, Park Street Office, Luochi Community, and Guangxi Zhongxiu Property Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Guangxi Zhongxiu Property Company”) Multi-party cooperation, and through the successful experience of “three guarantees in front of the door” merchant autonomy, has formed the “Liuzhou Model” that supports and participates in the institutionalization of multi-party support and participation in the classification of domestic waste. Yesterday morning, the city’s first domestic waste sorting point in the business district was officially opened in the Wuxing Food Street in Chengzhong District. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Waste Sorting Office came to the scene to give guidance.

Governments, enterprises and businessmen participate in multiple parties to institutionalize the promotion of domestic waste classification

At 10 o’clock in the morning of the same day, in the five-star food street, government, enterprises and businessmen in Chengzhong District unveiled the city’s first domestic waste sorting point in the business district, marking the official opening of the sorting point.

According to reports, the five-star food street in Chengzhong District is one of the city’s tourist landmarks and prosperous business districts. It is a good place for citizens and tourists to enjoy food. The district cooperates with many parties to guide merchants and citizens to participate in the classification of domestic waste through the implementation of the successful experience of “three guarantees in front of the door” merchant autonomy.

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Huang Shuhong, executive director of the Liuzhou Oscar Bar, said that they have strictly followed the garbage classification requirements, trained their employees to sort out the garbage, and called on everyone to participate actively and jointly create a beautiful home.

Huang Maohong, Section Chief of City Appearance Section of Chengzhong District Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau, said that since last year, 208 merchants in the Five-Star Food Street have achieved successful experience in implementing the “three guarantees in front of the door” autonomy. At present, waste sorting work is included in the assessment of the “three guarantees at the door” responsibility system, and through institutionalized guidance and supervision of businesses and citizens to implement waste sorting, it not only provides consumers with a good dining environment, but also improves the city appearance and environment of the business district. , It also optimizes the business environment, and then forms a pattern of joint construction, co-governance, and sharing of a good environment by the whole people.

Food waste in the five-star food street business district is expected to be substantially reduced

How does the five-star food street business district implement garbage classification? At 11 o’clock that morning, the reporter visited the five-star food street and saw that the street was clean, tidy and orderly, and the catering shops along the street operated in accordance with the “three guarantees in front of the door” responsibility system. In a noodle restaurant, employees packaged the food waste generated from vegetable leaves and other food waste. The cleaning staff of Guangxi Zhongxiu Property Company came to collect and transport the waste, and then put it at the household waste sorting point located in the underground parking lot of Wuxing Food Street, and then the sanitation worker Nissan Nissin garbage.

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According to Wu Hanzhong, general manager of Guangxi Zhongxiu Property Co., Ltd., the construction of the classification point began last year, and they invested more than 300,000 yuan on their own. The cleaning staff will come to the door to sort and collect the domestic waste once every hour every day, so that the catering staff will not touch the waste and ensure food hygiene and environmental sanitation. In the next step, four-color garbage bags will be distributed according to the amount of garbage generated by the merchants, and the relevant departments will guide and urge the merchants to implement garbage sorting.

Nie Chen, the relevant person in charge of the Garbage Sorting Office of Chengzhong District, said that the business district produces about 8 tons of domestic waste every day, mainly kitchen waste, and it is expected to reduce about 7.2 tons of waste through waste sorting and recycling and resource utilization. In the next step, investment in this sorting point will be increased, and food waste terminal equipment will be added to further realize the reduction, recycling and harmlessness of domestic waste in this business district.

(Source: Liuzhou Evening News)

(Editor in charge: DF506)

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