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National Health Commission Online Interview | Does “eyes” bathe in the sun to prevent myopia? _activity

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Original title: Online interview with the National Health Commission | Does “eyes” bathe in the sun to prevent myopia?

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June 6, 2021 is the 26th National “Eye Day”. In order to further call on the whole society to enhance the awareness of eye care and eye care, and to vigorously promote the importance of paying attention to eye health for all ages and life, the National Health Commission’s online interview with the theme of “concerning general eye health” invites experts to the public Knowledge of prevention (control) of eye diseases such as myopia, cataract, and fundus disease.

Moderator: Thank you for your answer. Outdoor activities are advocated to prevent myopia. Compared with indoor activities, increasing outdoor activities. Is it really useful in the prevention and control of myopia to “brow your eyes” in the sun? I would like to ask Team Leader Wang to answer for you.

Wang Ningli: Regarding outdoor activities, there are a lot of researches done internationally, including large-scale and various researches. Of course, an overall conclusion is that outdoor activities are definitely beneficial to the prevention and control of myopia. To break it down, the results we did in Anyang found that for children without myopia, outdoor activities are more effective in protecting him from myopia, and it is also effective for children who already have low myopia. Of course, all have high myopia, and it is difficult for him to do outdoor activities. Therefore, outdoor activities prevent myopia from children without myopia, children with low myopia, and children without myopia, and delay their myopia for those who already have myopia. Everyone must pay attention, when it comes to outdoor activities, we must do “outdoor + activities”. If you take your child outdoors, sit in the sun and read with a book, it is white outdoors, so there must be outdoors and activities. Under the full-spectrum natural light outdoors, the pupil is small and the defocus is well controlled. Of course, in addition to being good for our eyes, full-spectrum irradiation is good for our immunity, for our physical and mental health, and for sleep, so these two hours are very important.

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Wang Ningli: I just said “outdoors + activities”. The school has limited playgrounds. We have gymnasiums. Can we put children in gymnasiums for activities? No, indoor activities are not good. The word “outdoor” is very important. Everyone said, how can we have two hours? It doesn’t matter, the cumulative amount of activity in a day can reach two hours and the concentration of activity for two hours is the same, it is cumulative. Recently, we are also cooperating with some primary and secondary schools to develop a good scientific outdoor activity time for them to help prevent and control myopia. The most effective, cheapest, and most valuable thing in myopia prevention and control is outdoor activities, and it is to strengthen the body and prevent myopia. Recently, some studies have come out. Good outdoor activities play an important role in regulating our immunity and the growth and development of children. It is not only a problem of eye health, but also a major health problem.

Moderator: Thank you, Team Leader Wang, for your answer. If you want to have good myopia, parents and friends are also invited to take their children to outdoor activities to “see” in the sun. For children who have myopia, what are the corrective and prevention techniques for myopia? We have invited team leader Wang Ningli to answer for everyone.

Wang Ningli: If the child is nearsighted, first, put on the glasses first. Can you not wear glasses? Of course this is a personal choice, can it? We don’t know, there is no way. However, there are several effects of not wearing glasses on the child. First, he cannot see clearly at a distance, and it will affect his future advanced visual function. The safety of the child in life is reduced; second, he In class, the quality of learning has also declined. Therefore, once a child is determined to have myopia, wearing glasses is the “first must”. It is not the “first need”, but the “first must”. A foreign organization once conducted a survey in China, saying that 30%-40% of Chinese myopia did not wear their eyes. This is also a key point of our work during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period. Some of the ones that are not worn are not given by the parents. They say that the more they are worn, the worse they are, and they are not given. There are some places where there are indeed no good optometry glasses in the local area, and it may be inconvenient to have eyesight and glasses. There is a third possible economic problem. But anyway, wearing glasses is a must.

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Wang Ningli: Wearing glasses can only be corrected. We have another purpose. How can someone who has been short-sighted delay his rapid progress? Of course you said I don’t wear glasses, can I wear contact lenses? OK, no problem. Wear soft or hard? The doctor said to wear soft ones, wear soft ones, and the doctors said to wear hard ones, wear hard ones, listen to the doctor’s. The next question is how to make myopia not progress or progress slowly? Now OK Lens Orthokeratology Lens is recognized internationally, and the effect is very good. It not only changes the shape of the cornea, it can indeed delay the progress of the eye axis, which has been recognized by everyone. Low-concentration atropine. Several clinical trials that we have done now have proved that it is indeed effective, especially the 0.01% low-concentration atropine. Our report has just come out recently, and its rebound after drug withdrawal is much better than that of high-concentration atropine. Low-concentration atropine now has in-hospital preparations. Of course, we hope that the country can approve it quickly and use it as a prevention and control tool for myopia under the condition of real supervision and quality assurance. Of course, are there any good things to prevent and control myopia? Now companies, universities and colleges are doing research. We hope that there will be a breakthrough. Eventually, I will study and I will not be nearsighted, but it is difficult. Therefore, in the case of reducing the burden, how to have a good thing to solve the problem of the progress of myopia, now we all need to work together.

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