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Maturity 2021, one week to go: but 1 in 5 does not know that we start on June 16

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A year of time to metabolize the news was not enough: one week before the start of the Maturity 2021, many students still do not know the basic ‘instructions’ of the exam they will face. Despite the fact that the test – only an oral interview – is practically identical to that of twelve months ago. A valid speech already from the starting date: only 8 out of 10 know that the first day of questioning will be June 16, the others – 20% – are wrong. This was reported by a survey conducted by Skuola.net on a sample of a thousand graduates.

But it is practically every aspect of the maxi-oral that a good proportion of the boys demonstrate that they navigate in the dark. As for the duration of the oral exam which, being the only one left standing compared to the traditional formula, could be around 60 minutes: it is a pity that only 85% of high school students know this (10% think it will last about half a year). an hour; 5% more than an hour). Or how about how the score is assigned: this year too the school career will be given more weight (up to 60 points) than the exam itself (up to 40 points), but only 7 out of 10 are aware of this. , while the remaining 30% have incorrect information.

Maturity 2021, student curriculum: where to start?

If we then go into the practical aspects of the test, for many the risk of a fool is really concrete. For example, 1 in 3 is convinced that there are still lots of envelopes with the materials prepared by the commission – when, on the other hand, the materials functional to making the graduates make multidisciplinary connections will only be prepared and then assigned to individual students) – and 10% that the professors will not prepare anything at all.

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Unclear ideas also on the paper, the work prepared by the students in the last month of school, focused on the subjects of address, which will be the first moment of the interview. Well, almost 3 out of 10 high school students think (wrongly) that it will only be illustrated without the teachers being able to take it as a starting point for further questions (18%) or that the task has been completed with the delivery (10%) and that it should not be ‘ explained ‘before the commission. And what about the 16% who are unaware that teachers will be able to ask extra questions about the whole program.

Maturity 2021, how does the final grade work?

Great confusion, of course, also on the less central points of the exam. For 1 in 10 there will be no analysis of the oral text. Another 10% argue that there will be no Civics questions and, overall, only 72% know that these are a passage explicitly mentioned in the exam ordinance.

The same goes for the PCTOs – the Pathways for transversal skills and orientation, the former school-work alternation – given that 8% will not enter the test this year while only 80% are aware that they too are included in the ordinance: either they will be illustrated during the interview (with any questions from the professors) or they must appear in the paper.

Starting from these premises, therefore, it is not surprising at all the disorientation generated by a question on the student’s Curriculum, the only real novelty of the Maturity 2021: just 6 out of 10 know that it will be consulted by the commission and that it will also be attached to the diploma, for future use. . And if 25% are not very clear about its aims, there is a 16% who confess they do not know what it is at all. All this when there is a week left to go.

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Maturity 2021, PCTO: how to talk about it orally

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