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Ivrea, Capirone president of Cna Communication sector: “Digital transition”

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Enrico Capirone, 55, former deputy mayor of Ivrea, is the new provincial president of Cna Comunicazione and Advanced Tertiary, the professional aggregation that protects and represents towards public institutions and local administrative bodies the entrepreneurs of the publishing, typography and printing, information technology, information and communication technology, web designers, web editors and photographers. The associated companies are 500 out of about 3,000 companies in the sector scattered throughout the metropolitan city. Capirone will be supported by three professional presidents: Simone Melino for publishing; Massimo Vitali, press; Virgilio Ardy, from Romano Canavese, photographers. Capirone will deal in particular with the ICT sector (Information communication technology). «The main objective – explains the new president – is to represent the little ones, the individual professionals whose needs risk being crushed by those of the older ones. I am talking about small and medium-sized enterprises specialized in the high-tech sectors of information technology and telecommunications, born in close connection with the crisis of large companies such as Olivetti and Fiat ».

A pulverized and constantly changing business system that the ICT Sector aims to promote to support innovation and development, also thanks to projects that implement the use of new technologies in local public administration organizations. “We will also promote technology transfer and innovation within the business world and more generally, the economic and social development of the territory, promoting or coordinating specific projects also supported by EU, national or regional funds – adds Capirone -. The digital transition, a great opportunity and a challenge that this sector must absolutely win, however, also hides pitfalls in terms of information security ». «The positive extension of digitalization – he concludes – must in fact move in parallel with data protection, defense against external attacks, and control of the regularity of operations. Accompanying companies in this transformation will be fundamental for us ».

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