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Haemorrhage of students: in nine years the province has lost 3,200 pupils

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BELLUNO. In nine years the Belluno schools have lost over three thousand and two hundred pupils. A vertical collapse, very heavy in the mountains but which does not spare the capital and Feltre, and not even the populous Valbelluna. And that, in perspective, appears dramatic: in the Belluno kindergartens in September there will be a quarter fewer children than those enrolled in 2012/2013. A fact that will have repercussions, in the coming years, on enrollment in elementary school, middle school and high school. The only comprehensive schools that increase the number of members are Limana – Trichiana and Pedavena. Tano Zoldo and the Ic Fonzaso – Lamon. On the other hand, Longarone, Ponte nelle Alpi, Alpago and Santa Giustina have lost many pupils. For Comelico it is no exaggeration to speak of student bleeding.

The data is provided by the provincial education councilor Serenella Bogana. In September 22,190 children and young people will go to school in the Belluno area, 3,239 less than nine years ago (-13%). In kindergartens there will be 2,339 children, 791 fewer than in 2012 (-25.27%); in elementary school 7,095 (-1,543); at the averages 4,771 (-739); at high school 7,985 (-166). In comprehensive schools there will be 500 fewer students than the year just ended: there were 14,959, there will be 14,415.


The comprehensive schools of the Agordino lose on average about fifty students compared to nine years ago. To Agordo they hold the middle school, which in September will have 222 students (there were 247 in 2012/2013), while the elementary schools will have three more children. The most negative data for the primary are recorded at Gosaldo (went from 22 enrolled in 2012 to 7 in 2021), The valley (from 81 to 57) and Voltago (days 41 to 14). Have Rivamonte, which, however, sees asylum enrollments halved in nine years. In the IC of Alleghe the elementary school of Rocca Pietore (from 43 to 13 children between 2012 and 2021) e Weather in Santa Fosca (44 to 27). The middle schools of Alleghe e Livinallongo they lost seven and five members in nine years, in the kindergartens of the inclusive pupils dropped by 16 units. Even the elementary school of Channel (from 64 to 7 children enrolled), Fence instead it goes against the trend: in nine years the enrollments have gone from 21 to 39. But it is in the kindergartens that we see the collapse: that of Cencenighe lost 24 children (40 to 16), Falcade 19 (50 to 31), Fence 8 (22 to 14).

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Increase the numbers the institute inclusive of Limana – Trichiana, which went from 919 registered in 2012 to 937 in 2021/2022. It is the only one, together with that of Pedavena. Middle and elementary schools are growing, a symptom of the attractiveness of the area, but kindergartens have lost 41 children. In the IC of Sedico – Sospirolo enrollments decreased by 156 units in nine years, with the averages of Sospirolo growing (+7) as did the kindergarten in Roe (+8). The children in the primary school in Lebanon were halved (from 152 to 78) and in the kindergarten in Bolago (from 70 to 31). 49 fewer children than in 2012 at the Sedico kindergarten. Conversely, the IC of Mel e Lentiai: primary and nursery school in Carve collapse (the first from 50 to 21 enrolled, the second from 102 to 49), 50 fewer children in Mel’s elementary school. They hold the primary of Lentiai and Villapiana.

Longarone and Zoldano

Continuous decline. The primary of Longarone in nine years it has lost 106 children, 63 kindergartens Bridge in the Alps enrollments fell by 163 units (82 fewer pupils in elementary school, with a decrease distributed among the complexes). In the kindergartens of Ponte and Piaia in September there will be 60 fewer children than in 2012. The IC of Zoldo instead it has lost “only” 26 members, with the decline affecting elementary and middle schools but not kindergartens: the numbers of 2018/2019 are far away (63 members), but the 40 of 2021/2022 are seven more than in 2012 / 2013. Bad alsoAlpago, which suffers a decline of 160 pupils in nine years. It holds only Chies, the primary of Puos has more than halved the enrollments (from 119 to 52) while in Pieve the children have increased: from 80 to 97.

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Cadore, Cortina and Comelico

The schools of Auronzo, Lozzo, Lorenzago and Vigo “only” 86 children have lost in nine years, with the elementary schools of Villapiccola and Lozzo which, however, have growing numbers, albeit by a few units (+6 and +8). Those of Cortina hold, even though elementary school has lost 103 students since 2012. San Vito instead it has 17 more members than nine years ago. Suffers Calalzo, where elementary and middle school students have halved (-17 kindergarten students), Pieve has lost about sixty primary and secondary students, Domegge it drops but not dramatically (but there are only 56 students enrolled in elementary school in September, -27 on 2012). In Comelico the collapse is violent. Schools have lost 246 pupils in nine years (until 2017/18 there are also Sappada numbers): 122 in elementary school (Comelico Superiore went from 103 children to 58), 85 in childhood.


More subscribers to the IC of Pedavena, where is the data of the averages to make the arrow turn upwards (+42). The elementary schools lose, but only 19 children (with Pedavena seeing a +29). TO Fonzaso the number of students enrolled in elementary school collapsed (-57 in nine years, from 75 to 18), a Lamon instead they increase (from 81 to 86). 138 children who will attend kindergartens in September are flying: they were 100 nine years ago. The Ic of I want has lost 181 pupils since 2012, with a substantial holding of the schools of Alano (except for kindergarten, which went from 82 to 45) and a drastic drop for those in Quero Vas: middle school students halved (from 133 to 70; 62 fewer children in elementary school). They lost 200 enrolled in the schools of Santa Giustina, Cesiomaggiore and San Gregorio. The numbers are all negative for elementary school, only the kindergarten in Meano is growing (+6). –

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