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A sponsor to restore Colle Bellaria – breaking latest news

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The flames that in the last five years have devoured hectares of vegetation have left deep wounds on the slopes of Colle Bellara, what for Salerno people is the “Masso della Signora”. Wounds that the Administration wants to heal through a memorandum of understanding which includes a reforestation plan.
The document was signed with Arbolia, a benefit company set up by Snam spa and the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti Foundation, as part of the promotion of actions to combat climate change, the improvement of air quality in cities and the creation of green areas for the benefit of local communities, it intends to carry out initiatives to redevelop the territory by afforesting areas belonging to the public administration and local authorities.
The company undertakes to seek financiers and sponsors to carry out the afforestation intervention on the land identified on Monte Bellara, at its own expense; to ensure that the afforestation intervention follows the project drawn up by a qualified forestry technician after obtaining a positive opinion from the Municipality and any other bodies in charge and to ensure, at its own expense, the maintenance of the forest for the first two years, starting from the end of the planting, it being understood that from the beginning of the third year and for at least twenty years, the maintenance obligation in compliance with the indications contained in the afforestation project.
The “Masso della Signora” has been divided into three lots: the first lot, the technicians write, “occupies the most panoramic area, has a usable area of ​​about 12 thousand square meters with some areas with no or almost no vegetation and others with of adult pines. In the design phase, therefore, one could imagine going to reinforce the existing vegetation “.
The second lot, on the other hand, is located on the west side of the hill and has a useful extension of about 30 thousand square meters. The land is sloping and for most of the surface there is no forest, with the exception of small groups of oaks, which will be included in a possible intervention hypothesis “.
The third, on the other hand, “occupies the east side of Monte Bellara, has a usable area of ​​20 thousand square meters and has similar characteristics to lot two”.
On the basis of what it was possible to verify in the first phase of the study, “the complex of the proposed areas presents characteristics of certain interest for an afforestation intervention. It is, the technicians write in the concluding notes, of an area “with other usability and visibility, a panoramic point overlooking the city of Salerno”. However, they conclude “the estimate of the useful surfaces and the plants to be planted may be subject to variations, even important ones, in consideration of the peculiarities of the area. It is an area that, in some points, has important steep slopes and therefore potentially difficult to access; moreover, in many places it has recently been crossed by fire and from the information available it is not possible to evaluate the actual vegetation cover present also in consideration of the emission of new shoots (branches) from the stumps of the burned plants “.(e.t.)
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