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2021 Xiamen Industry Fair kicks off to embrace “BRIC” business opportunities | Industry Fair | Industry | Xiamen City_Sina Technology_Sina.com

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Original title: 2021 Xiamen Industry Fair kicks off to embrace the “BRIC” business opportunities

China News Service, Xiamen, June 8 (Reporter Yang Fushan) The 2021 Xiamen Industry Fair and the 25th Cross-Strait Machinery and Electronic Commodities Fair (“Xiamen Industry Fair”) opened in Xiamen on the 8th. This year’s event set up a new BRICS industrial exhibition area to embrace the “BRIC” business opportunities.

As a grand event for cross-strait industrial exchanges and a large-scale professional exhibition platform, this year’s Xiamen Industry Fair is based on the opportunity of Xiamen to build an innovation base for the BRICS New Industrial Revolution Partnership. The total exhibition area is 70,000 square meters, more than 650 exhibiting companies, and newly established The BRICS New Industrial Exhibition Area, Xiamen Industrial Software Exhibition Area, the first set of major base equipment demonstration application exhibition and other supporting exhibition areas.

This exhibition is co-sponsored by China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products, China Machinery Industry Federation, Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Industry Association, Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Promotion Center, and undertaken by Xiamen International Trade Exhibition Group.

The organizer introduced that the four exhibitions of “Xiamen Industry Fair, Xiamen Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition, Xiamen Environmental Protection and Fluid Machinery Exhibition and Xiamen Rail Transit, Smart Logistics and Construction Machinery Exhibition” were jointly launched, linking the entire industry chain, and the exhibition area covers intelligent manufacturing and machine tools. In many fields such as equipment, laser equipment, molds, plastics industry, foundry industry, environmentally friendly fluids, transportation and logistics, construction machinery and many other fields, many well-known international companies from industrially developed regions attended the exhibition and attracted the attention of the industry.

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During the CIIF, the 2021 Cross-Strait Economic and Trade Forum will be held. The invited experts from both sides of the strait will share their industry experience around the theme of “New Industry, New Intelligent Manufacturing, and New Future”. In addition, forum activities such as the first set of major technical equipment policy briefings and licensing ceremonies and the Fujian Mold Industry Technical Seminar will also be held simultaneously.

The organizer stated that with its trading platform value and industry influence, Xiamen Industry Fair will focus on expanding market channels for enterprises, building bridges for enterprise economic and trade cooperation, promoting the development of cross-strait manufacturing, and rejuvenating the confidence in the manufacturing market on both sides of the strait.

Since the first Xiamen Industry Fair (Taiwan Trade Fair) was held, nearly 8,000 companies from both sides of the strait have participated in the exhibition. The scale of the exhibition has been expanding. Participating merchants have also grown from the original cross-strait to more than 60 countries and regions, becoming a cross-strait electromechanical industry exchange. An important platform for cooperation and joint development of the global market. (Finish)

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