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Want to propose a romantic marriage on the moon? Apoteo Surprise launches a 7-day space proposal service, asking for up to a Falcon rocket-INSIDE

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This article comes from cooperative media Ai Faner , INSIDE authorized to reprint.

It has been 49 years since humans first landed on the moon, and Musk’s Mars migration plan is still far away, but space travel is getting closer and closer to us.

Many airlines have successively launched space travel commercial projects for ordinary customers. For example, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ space travel startup Blue Origin recently announced that it will start selling space travel in 2019. Passenger tickets.

Picture from: Blue Origin
Picture from: Blue Origin

It’s not only airlines that see space travel opportunities. Apoteo Surprise, a French proposal planning company, recently launched a “Moon Proposal” program. Starting in 2020, couples are expected to propose marriage to their favorite object on the surface of the moon at a distance of 384,400 kilometers. Up.

According to Apoteo Surprise, starting from March 2022, customers can book this service through its official website. After the booking is successful, customers need to receive a series of physical and technical training in the next 5 months to adapt to the acceleration of rocket launches and space. The microgravity environment.

After completing these trainings, the couples will take off from the Kennedy Aerospace Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, and set off to the moon for a 7-day trip to the moon.

Kennedy Aerospace Center
Kennedy Aerospace Center

When the spacecraft begins to enter a state of weightlessness, the helmets of the couple will play Richard Strauss’s “Thus spoke Zarathustra, Op. 30” (Op. 30) .

“Star Passer” stills
“Star Passer” stills

The Kennedy Aerospace Center was the launch site of Apollo 11, which implemented the first moon landing project in 1969, and the orbit of the “Moon Proposal” project will be close to the orbit of Apollo 8 that completed its orbiting the moon in 1968. .

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It is reported that the speed of the spacecraft is as high as 38,000 kilometers per hour. Like the Apollo 8, the spacecraft will arrive in lunar orbit after three days of flight and will orbit the lunar orbit at a distance of 200-300 kilometers from the surface of the moon.

When the spacecraft reaches the middle of the moon’s orbit, the spacecraft will start playing Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon” (Fly Me to the Moon), the climax of this lunar proposal journey .

According to the plan, the groom-to-be will take out the pre-prepared ring from the suit jacket and complete the proposal to the beloved partner in the vast sky. The entire process will be fully recorded by the eight cameras equipped on the spacecraft.

After the marriage proposal, the two will enjoy the red sun rising from the back of the moon crater, and then the spacecraft will fly to the atmosphere and return to the earth.

“Star Passer” stills
“Star Passer” stills

In the vast space, newcomers may also encounter a cherry red Tesla sports car, infinitely looping David Bowie’s “Space Oddity”.

However, just like other space travel services on the market, they are basically reserved for the rich.

The price of Apoteo Surprise’s “Moon Proposal” service is US$145 million, which is equivalent to the Falcon Heavy rocket (US$150 million) launched by Space X in February this year.

Falcon Heavy Rocket Launch
Falcon Heavy Rocket Launch

Apoteo Surprise was originally a company that specializes in providing high-end marriage proposal services for the rich, and the founder Nicholas Garreau is an aeronautical engineer himself, so he has a “Moon Proposal” project. Nicholas Garreau said:

Our goal is to create the craziest and unparalleled marriage proposal in 1.38 billion years.

Seeing the sunrise on the moon may be the most romantic marriage proposal in the entire solar system. I don’t know if there will be a “dominant president” who will give Bo Hongyan a big smile?

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