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Ucb, new data in rheumatology at Eular 2021

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Rome, June 7 (beraking latest news Health) – Ucb, a global biopharmaceutical company, has presented new data for its Fc fragment-free anti-TNF, Cimzia * (certolizumab pegol), and its experimental IL-17A and IL-17F inhibitor, bimekizumab, al European congress of Rheumatology (Eular) 2021, just concluded. Seven abstracts were accepted for the E-Congress and all – reports a company note – highlight UCB’s commitment to guarantee innovation in rheumatology and address the unmet needs of patients. Three of the seven abstracts were presented as posters with guided narratives and live Q&A sessions.

“The information presented at Eular reflects our groundbreaking research in rheumatology and prepares us for a promising future. This important event has provided the opportunity to link our scientific innovation to the gaps and barriers that still exist in the pathways of rheumatology patients” , said Emmanuel Caeymaex, Executive Vice President, Immunology Solutions and Head of US, Ucb.

The data from certolizumab pegol – the note reads – include a post-hoc analysis of the phase 3b C-Optimise study in axSpA. The analysis evaluated disease activity and clinical markers of inflammation in patients who did not have flare after randomization to maintenance full-dose certolizumab pegol (200 mg every two weeks), maintenance-reduced certolizumab pegol ( 200 mg every four weeks) or placebo in weeks 48-96 of the C-Optimise study. The analysis identified higher disease activity and an increase in serological and inflammatory biomarkers in patients randomized to placebo who did not relapse during weeks 48-96 of the C-Optimise study, compared to those who remained on treatment with certolizumab pegol. The results confirm that patients with axSpA who achieve sustained remission over time benefit from continuing certolizumab pegol treatment, either with the full or reduced maintenance dose – compared to stopping treatment.

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Other data on certolizumab pegol include two-year results from the open-label phase 4 study, C-View, which examined the impact of certolizumab pegol treatment on acute anterior uveitis (Aau) in patients. with axSpA and a recent history of Aau flare, and a post-hoc analysis from a 52-week placebo-controlled interventional study in nr-axSpA (C-axSpAnd) to identify positive magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for involvement SI joint and human leukocyte antigen B27 (Hla-B27) positivity at baseline as predictors of clinical response to certolizumab pegol treatment at week 52.

Ucb shared a prospective analysis that includes data from more than 1,000 pregnancies with exposure to certolizumab pegol in at least the first trimester, representing one of the largest cohorts of pregnancies with known outcomes in patients living with axSpA, CD, PsA, PSO and RA that have been exposed to a biological. No increase in adverse pregnancy outcomes or specific congenital malformations was observed in pregnancies treated with certolizumab pegol compared to the general population. The data – concludes the note – further confirmed the influence of confounding factors, such as specific chronic inflammatory diseases (Cid), concomitant drugs or comorbidities, on the outcome of pregnancy. Taken together, these data offer additional information for healthcare professionals considering certolizumab pegol treatment as clinically necessary for their patients of childbearing age.

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