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Stop smoking? It’s good for your health and your wallet

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How do you get someone to quit smoking? Explaining what is gained in terms of health. It is also true, however, that those who smoke many times do not accept such an answer, but roll their eyes and snort. So let’s try to add another reason: the economic one.

A pack of cigarettes it costs on average 5 euro. It is not cheap. If you take a piggy bank and you regularly put i money that you would use to buy packets of cigarettes, at the head of few months could take off smoothly a “Whim” by earning it in salute.

Whenever who lights a cigarette yes aspire circa five thousand different chemical compounds that invade theorganism

explains Carlo La Vecchia, epidemiologo dell’Mario Negri Institute of Milan andUniversity of Milan.

“Not only are the people at the expense lungs and bronchi, but also the heart and the circulation. Just think that the risk of a heart disease for those who smoke ten cigarettes a day is about the 50% higher compared to that of non-smokers. “

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I benefits are already noticeable after a day. But remember that the decision of stop smoking becomes a path bristling with temptations. E’ vero that you already have the feeling that you have the more “lucid” brain, but you also feel like you have the thoughts slow down a little. Don’t give up, I am sensations normal, due to the decrease in the 50% of the level of carbon monoxide and of nicotine in blood.

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More beautiful without nicotine


The smoke cause expansion gods learned of the sebaceous glands, in particular in the area of cheekbones and of cheeks and training of blackheads. hai want to turn on one cigarette? Hold on, and at a distance of one week your skin will become more bright e tonic e i hair they will look more shiny, in addition to having spared circa 35 euro.

“The substances contained in the cigarette accelerate the formation of free radicals. The consequence it’s a premature aging of the skin, especially in the zone around the lips

clarifies the doctor The old.

“The nicotine is a substance that genera addiction. Whenever you smoke, it comes absorbed dai lungs, enter the blood and in one ten seconds arrives at brain. The final effect is a form of harmful arousal that makes you want to switch on another cigarette in order to keep constant the dose of nicotine in the body. “

After a week of sacrifices, and since your appearance is already improved, it’s time to reward yourself with a peeling or with a relaxing exfoliating massage.

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What happens after a month without cigarettes


After thirty days without smoking there breathing improves so considerable and it is possible to be able to run ten minutes without having the “shortness of breath”.

“The irritants of the cigarette leave numb for several minutes le vibrating eyelashes covering the walls of the respiratory tract with the task of holding distant germs e substances which the powders. It is for this reason that anyone who smokes suffers more than respiratory disorders come cough e sore throat

explains the Dr. LaVecchia. At this point yours “Booty” will hover around 150 euro it’s time to you breathe better, you can throw yourself into a sporting activity and create yourself one mini-gym at home or decide for the dancing school, since you have a layout more or less the cost of three months of course. In reyou find everything: give it on schools in the various city, ai locals, including the bulletin board to search for the partner, if you miss it.

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If you stay others be months without smoking, increase chance to have a child.

“Smoking has a harmful action on oocytes, that decrease “,

explains Giovanni Menaldo director of the San Carlo-Ipog Institute of Reproductive Medicine in Turin.

“A situation which affects the fertility of the donna that inevitably decreases more and more”.

According to one I study English the forty years old smokers come in menopause a pair of years ago of the others. This is because the smoke harms directly to the oocytes. Smoking also lower the level of estrogen circulating in the blood and consequently causes a reduction of the bone mass and an increase in risk of osteoporosis.

“At a distance of one year since the last cigarette the organism find again her energy e fall decisively is the risk of tumor of lung than of many other forms of cancer “

concludes the Dr. La Vecchia.

This is because in the tar there are some of the more powerfull substances carcinogenic for man.”

And after a year …

Screen shot 2021-06-05 at 12.41.45

Now try to scrollare the piggy bank. If you haven’t spent anything yet, you’ll have well 1.825 EUR. You can give yourself other attention to reward yourself for the small sacrifices that quitting smoking requires, such as taking a cycle carbossiterapia to repair some damage and fight venous insufficiency, or a week at term. Always on the net you will find one choice of about 80 hotels with spas, with costs e packages of offers.

But you can too take off some whim, like one designer bag or a nice trip, gives alone o in company. The choice you do not miss: from one week a New York, a ten days at Mauritius. Still there network it comes to you Help with interesting sites through which organize trips with others women per to travel in cheerfulness.

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