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Steam topic new work “NKODICE” arouses Japan’s “Oujinjin” dice game mania | 4Gamers

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At the end of May this year, an experimental indie game was launched on Steam. It does not have any gameplay itself, but it triggered a trend of “European Gold” topic on Japanese SNS. This game is called “NKODICE”.

Just search for keywords on Twitter, and you will find that many Japanese players, live broadcasters, especially VTbuer are crazy about this little game, and it has become the latest live broadcast theme.

“NKODICE” is so fun, what are you playing? This six-sided dice is not the traditional 1 to 6 points, but 6 Japanese hiragana names: お, う, ま, こ, ち, ん.

There is almost no operational difficulty in the game. You only need to click the left button to let the dice fall into the bowl. As long as it rolls out the corresponding Japanese word, you can score. If the dice fails to show a word, points will be deducted. This game even has a world score ranking. The first player has accumulated 2.14 billion points.

However, the goal of all players is not to rank, everyone is to roll “おちんちん”. The Chinese homophone is “Oujinjin”, which means chicken. Yes, this is a bit shy word.

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Of course, these 6 words do not only form “Ou Jin Jin”, “UNKO” itself is the Japanese meaning of “poop” (うんこ), of course you can also dice “CHINKO” (ちんこ, also penis) or female genitalia Japanese “OMANKO” (おまんこ).

However, it’s not that easy to roll just these words. In fact, the developers have added the achievement of rolling words such as “European Gold” 3 times in a row on Steam, and even the Combo achievement of rolling 5 times in a row. 0.1% of players reached).


If you see this, you still don’t understand why Japanese players are so fascinated by Dicks, you might as well refer to Steam player tek’s comments.

This is a good work that taught me important things in life

The first time I played this game.

You must use your innocence to enjoy poo, burrows and dick.

It’s like going back to the childhood when I just learned to speak.

However, because of time and habit, the cruel thing is,

You will start to compare with strangers who have achieved high scores.

… How can we dice dick efficiently?

… It’s impossible to roll pee the first time, so start over immediately.

… Don’t waste Nudge easily, so you have to concentrate all the time.

… Why is there no “ん” after a few pushes? Does this game control probability?

… The top rankings are really weird. They must have used an improper way to dice the dick.

It’s like a mature life, competing with others for scores, but forgetting the moving of poo, cunts, and dick, all that is left from time to time is boredom and dissatisfaction.

What are we doing this for…?

Just when I started thinking like this, 5 ordinary dice suddenly popped out, jumping out of the long-awaited 5 words. Only then will you think about it.

Yes it is. I just want to see the little dick and just smile.

Even if it is not efficient. You don’t have to be better than others.

In boring daily life, chickens do exist. It’s okay to smile.

This is a good game that makes you realize that simplicity is so important.

—Comment on “NKODICE” left by Steam player tek

With the popularity of a game, of course, you will see similar tribute gameplay in other games, and even in reality, some people have made “NKODICE” dice.

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Video games are always so confusing, elusive, yet so charming.

Some people may want to ask, what are the heads of the people who developed this game? I think no one but ksym himself can answer.

In fact, even after the teaser of ksym’s next Buddha racing new work “BUDDHA GO” was released, no one knew what he was thinking, but at least his work was interesting enough, and I hope he can continue to bring it to all players. Come and have fun.

Let you enjoy the pure joy of chicken game “NKODICE” has been released on Steam on May 29th. Most of the comments on this game are unanimously affirmed by Japanese players, but Japanese language is not supported., Successfully avoided Steam’s indecent language norms。

Also, hololive fifth-term student VTuber Tao Ling Yinyin is said to want to live the game, but the agent who guards Yagoo’s idol dream rejected it.


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