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National Cybersecurity Agency: the draft of the decree

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A public body, with the primary purpose of “coordination between the public entities involved in cybersecurity at national level” and to promote “the implementation of common actions aimed at ensuring cyber security and resilience for the development of the digitization of the country, production system and PA, as well as for the achievement of autonomy, national and European, with regard to IT products and processes of strategic importance for the protection of national interests in the sector “: it is with this mission that the National Cybersecurity Agency is born, provided for by a decree of 19 articles still in the form of a draft, which will be illustrated to Copasir by the Undersecretary for Services, Franco Gabrielli, before the go-ahead to the Council of Ministers.

According to what we read in the draft, provisional and subject to any revisions also depending on the indications that Copasir will give, the decree establishes, in addition to the Acn, at Palazzo Chigi, an interministerial Committee for Cybersecurity “with advisory, proposal and resolution functions on cybersecurity policies, also for the purposes of protection of national security in cyber space “. The decree also establishes that the Prime Minister is exclusively assigned: “Top management and general responsibility for cybersecurity policies; the adoption of the national cybersecurity strategy, after consulting the Interministerial Committee for Cybersecurity; the appointment and dismissal of the general manager and the deputy director general of Acn. Functions that the head of government can delegate, in the exercise of his functions, to the Undersecretary for Services “. The Agency, according to the draft of the text,” has legal personality under public law and is endowed with regulatory and administrative autonomy equity, organizational, accounting and financial “.

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The Decree provides for the recruitment of ad hoc personnel for the Agency, including those not coming from the Public Administration. In the first application ACN has a staff of 300 people, but according to the decree it is destined to grow up to 800 in 2027. The financial envelope for the Agency is not yet indicated in the draft.


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