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Monica Guerritore in the field with the volunteers of the Civic Health Network

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Born in Rome but originally from southern Italy, with a Neapolitan father and a Calabrian mother. Daughter of doctor and hospital chief, Dino Guerritore. Grandson of a luminary of medicine: the maternal grandfather Francesco Pentimalli, recognized worldwide, creates the “Regina Elena” in Rome, the first cancer research institute and is the only European oncologist to be called to the bedside of sick Evita Peron of leukemia.

Monica Guerritore has never forgotten, during her career as an actress, director and playwright, these bonds and the teachings that they have transmitted to her. So it is not by chance that today, preceded by his fame, the artist stands alongside the Civic Health Network with a dedicated video-declaration.

A commitment that the great actress explains as follows: «We have experienced first-hand how much the fragility of the population is accentuated by loneliness. There is no hope of life, of the future, where there is no one who takes care of your health, who takes care of you. The lack of close body-to-body closeness, the impossibility of seeing children, grandchildren, loves have been extensively told and have touched everyone. But the lack of heart-to-heart contact that the theater gives when it arrives in the city, in the village, in the villages also emerged very strong: care of the soul, emotional participation, community. Shortcomings that are deeply felt in Southern Italy where participation in the ‘narration’ is rooted: children, all of us, of the giants of Magna Graecia thought ».

“In the project of Città Italia, cited many times by President Mattarella – underlines Monica Guerritore – I find the first link that connects, in principle, the theater, the places of public meeting and sharing with the activity of the volunteers of the Civic Network of the Health. Where there is a community, there are places that take care of the citizens: a hospital, a theater, a police station, a school, a reception center, a listening center. They are the primary social infrastructures ».

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But that is not all. To the “cry for help which only doctors can respond to”, the “expectations and wishes of citizens” must be matched by “an operational structure capable of taking charge of them and giving a voice. Only when intuitions become an operational project, as is the case with the Civic Health Network, does the citizen put his heart into it and become the protagonist, advocate of his own expectations ».

Someone – concludes the artist – «has to create a structure that conveys the funds of the Health and Labor Ministries into a single“ network ”which, like a string of pearls, links places to places, starting from Sicily as an experimental project. It is a principle of action that I believe in, that we believe in, a lot. And that we are applying in the national network of theaters in the area ».

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