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“Horse Racing Girl” broke the record and ranked first on the best-selling list for 100 consecutive days |

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Cygames’ mobile game “Sports Horse Girl Pretty Derby” (ウマ娘プリティーダービー) was launched on February 24, 2021, and 100 days after the game’s launch, the number reflected in the revenue sales list has been 100 consecutively. Tian occupies the first place on the Google Play bestseller list.

Quoting App Annie’s reference materials, compared with the ups and downs of other games, “Horse Racing” has been maintained at the top from beginning to end (see the green line in the chart below for details), and has never been surpassed by other games. Let’s see. How long can “The Horse Racing Girl” continue to maintain this record before it is broken? It is worthy of attention from the outside world.

Image 034

At the same time, the official Twitter of “The Horse Racing Girl” has also recently ushered in a record of more than one million trackers, and its growth rate is obvious to all.

Even the first volume of BD sales in the second season of the animation also took off. From May 26th to May 30th, the sales volume was 112,030 volumes, breaking the current sales record of all animated single-volume BDs in the first week of listing and becoming a new one. A generation of door gods, this figure quotes you Dashu, a third-party data research company in Japan (link).

“The Horse Racing Girl” is now in full swing, and it can be regarded as one of the contemporary Japanese hegemonic works. Next, let’s see how long Cygames can sustain this wave of craze.

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