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Genoa, already 70 patients rehabilitated in the post-Covid gym at Palazzo della Fiumara

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Genoa, trip to the post-Covid gym. Objective: complete rehabilitation

Genoa – About seventy patients recovered from Covid have already passed through the special rehabilitation gym created in Genoa in the Palazzo della Salute Fiumara of the Genoese health company Asl. “This post Covid rehabilitation gym was also visited by professionals from other countries is one of the first examples in this sense, I would say of extraordinary collaboration between several medical specialties for a total recovery of the disease, so we are already a step further”, he commented the president of the Liguria Region and councilor for health Giovanni Toti, who visited the facility this morning.

We have discovered how important and useful local medicine has been in the fight against the pandemic. And we have to start from here – added Toti -. Starting again from the Houses of Health which are the backbone of that Recovery plan of which so much is said is the most appropriate thing to do “.” This type of activity was born in the ascending phase of the pandemic curve of the first wave – says the manager of the structure Piero Clavario -. We tried to organize a program that was as complete as possible – he explained -. We call the patients who have passed through the Asl3 facilities with a positive swab, make a phone call and try to understand what kind of Covid they have had, and there have been over a thousand phone calls to patients “.

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