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“D4” developer’s new work “Good Life The Good Life” extended to fall on the market “The Good Life”

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Created by White Owls, a R&D team led by Swery, the creator of “Fatal Premonition” and “D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die”, the new role-playing game “Good Life” (tentative translation, original name: The Good Life) “A new promotional film is released, and the game will be postponed until this fall.

“The Good Life” is set in a rural English town away from New York, photographer Naomi was commissioned by the newspaper to uncover the secrets behind a rural English town. This small town was originally considered the happiest town in the world, but at night, the residents of the town will turn into cats. The story describes that after sunset, the residents of the town became cats. Why did they become like this? Why are everyone so happy? In the morning, no one remembered what happened at night, and Naomi wanted to understand why it happened.

Naomi later became involved in the magic of the town. She discovered that she also has animal skills, so players can transform into a cat in the game to jump and climb in the town, expand the search area, or transform into a dog to use Smell to track the villagers.

In the game, the player accepts the commission of the newspaper office to take photos with the camera, and the newspaper society pays rewards based on the player’s achievements. Players can also integrate into the life of this town, grow vegetables in the garden, cook, or explore the surrounding scenery, drink and chat with local residents in the bar, and experience the truth about why it is called the happiest place in the world.

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After several postponements, the game was originally scheduled to be launched this summer. However, the official announced that the game will be postponed to the fall at the “INDIE Live EXPO 2021” held on the weekend, and the distribution business will be transferred to PLAYISM.

“Good Life” is expected to be available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms this fall.


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