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Covid: Italian Allergy Society, ‘safe vaccines for autoimmune patients’

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Rome, June 8 (beraking latest news Health) – There are no contraindications to Covid vaccines for patients with autoimmune / autoinflammatory diseases or immunodeficiencies. The opinion of clinical immunologists, virologists, rheumatologists, pulmonologists, internal medicine doctors is unanimous in black and white in the new document on anti-Covid vaccinations of the task force of the Italian Society of Allergy, Asthma and Clinical Immunology (Siaaic), which invites not to interrupt the treatments. Only for some specific drugs, they explain, the treatment must be modified or the administration postponed with respect to drug treatment. In order not to have any problems and to be able to meet the recall in complete tranquility – they underline – it is sufficient to follow the few and simple indications of the new guidelines on anti-Covid-19 vaccinations.

“The Italian patients with autoimmune / autoinflammatory diseases – recalls Enrico Maggi, coordinator together with Raffaele D’Amelio of the Siiac task force – have been included by the Ministry of Health in the category of fragile and priority patients for anti-Covid vaccination, for which it is it is desirable that all have already received at least the first dose of an mRna vaccine (Pfizer and Moderna), indicated as preferential over those with a non-replicating viral vector (AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson) “.

“The same can be hypothesized for the approximately 10,000 Italians with a primary immunodeficiency, or with one of the approximately 200 rare diseases in which the immune system is not adequately efficient or is completely deficient in the response. More difficult to establish – underlines Maggi – if patients with immunodeficiencies secondary to other pathologies or conditions, for example those with chronic viral infections or blood neoplasms or solid tumors or pregnant women or those suffering from malnutrition, have already been vaccinated: those who have not done so must provide, because – he points out – even if the vaccine probably induces a lower response than the general population, it still offers a good level of protection. ”

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The new document of the task force specifies that patients with autoimmune / autoinflammatory diseases and primary / secondary immunodeficiencies must have been in a stable phase for at least a month, otherwise the disease could worsen; even if the diseases are associated with a reduction in platelets (eg autoimmune platelet disorders) or with alterations in coagulation (eg primary or secondary anti-phospholipid antibody syndrome), the vaccine can be used only if clinical stability is achieved. However, there is no need to perform specific tests before or after the vaccine.

“Any intercurrent infection advises against the use of the vaccine until it is resolved – says Maggi – Those who are on immunosuppressive drugs can get vaccinated and the document indicates which immunosuppressive drugs can be taken during vaccination and which ones must be reduced in dosage. for some, for example anti-Cd20 monoclonal antibodies or Rituximab, it is appropriate to delay the administration of the drug compared to the vaccine while for others, such as Jak kinase inhibitors or Abatacept, the decision is left to the specialist. These indications – concludes Maggi – they are valid for both the first and subsequent doses of vaccine: it is important that these particularly fragile patients adhere to it but are not afraid to undergo the vaccine “.

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