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But which hacker? One click too many wiped out half the internet

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It wasn’t the hackers, it wasn’t Anonymous, it was not the former president Trump, who was also not a friend of many of the affected sites: we know what it is that he has the other day knocked out half the Internet, but no one knows who moved the hand. Better: you know, but you can’t tell.

Fastly, the company that manages the CDN which the remaining sites rely on inaccessible for a long time (what are the Cdn we have explained here), ha clarified that a client, whose identity he obviously did not reveal, would have triggered everything “by modifying one of his configuration parameters”. He made it clear that the fault is not his. Even if in reality it is his fault.

Why? Because not only was the unspecified client authorized to do the surgery he did, but he would also have so a bug in Fastly systems has been activated since last May after a routine software update. But no one had noticed.

Reportedly, the problems started at 11.47 am Italian time, when the bug sent 85% of the Cdn managed by Fastly into a tailspin; the situation improved around 13 and returned to complete normalcy at 14.44. Subsequently, at 19.25 Italian time, the operations began to eliminate the bug that caused everything. After being provoked in turn, of course.

The alarm

Down the CDN: blackout for the sites of the New York Times, Guardian, GB Government, Cnn and others

In any case, the point here is not to blame: the point is that a click from who knows who, made from who knows where, was enough to make the Net wobble. And who knows how it feels, who knows who: why we don’t know who he is, but he does and how, to be him.

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