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“Battlefield 2042” officially launched on October 22nd with ten additional special forces + “Dangerous Zone” game mode

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The shooting game “Battlefield 2042” with war stories as the theme was released on the Internet Reveal Trailer. The short five-minute film contains a lot of content. Now let’s analyze the content of the new Trailer for everyone!

story background

In 2032, the world has entered chaos and has reached the brink of war. Extreme weather has emerged one after another, major economies have collapsed, and many treaties have been broken. Some displaced people gathered and organized into a miscellaneous army. They claimed to be “unreturned.” But in 2042, conflicts broke out between the United States and Russia over food and fuel shortages, which later evolved into another war.

Gameplay update allows 128 players to play at the same time

As always, “Battlefield 2042” will still maintain sea, land, and air combat. The game will improve the “Conquest” and “Breakthrough” modes from the previous series. 128 Xbox Series X|S, PS5 and PC players can play on the same battlefield. The “Breakthrough” mode is the same as in “Battlefield 1”. You need to play the offensive or defensive side and fight to the last capture point. In this mode, players will be provided with different tactics and more flanking opportunities, making the way of playing become diversified.

This battle can accommodate up to 128 players to play against, creating a large-scale war environment.

In this Battlefield there will be a new “Hazard Zone” (Hazard Zone), the official website refers to this is a high-risk, team-based game mode, and different from the general All-Out Warfare (All-Out Warfare). There is no detailed information at the moment and need to wait for further updates. The third mode will be released on EA Play Live on July 22.

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“Battlefield 2042” added “Hazard Zone” (Hazard Zone), compared with previous versions, it can be said to be a novel gameplay for players.

In the first year, four seasons will be provided, including four battle passes, four new special forces and new content. More information will be announced later.

Ten special forces each with unique skills

The previous “Battlefield” series only had four types of arms, but this time, “Battlefield 2042” has a total of 10 Specialist (Specialist) options, each with unique characteristics and skills. Players can even match various weapons and equipment by themselves. Again, it is limited like the previous preset. Officials temporarily introduced 4 types of special forces, namely the familiar assault, scout, medical and engineer.

Assault soldier
Assault soldier “Webster McKay”
Medical Soldier
Medical Soldier “Maria Folk”

The assault soldier (Webster Mackay) can launch hooks, move quickly to the landing site and quickly aim; the medical soldier (Maria Falck) can fire syringes to the friendly army to provide treatment, if it fires on the enemy army, it will cause damage, and it can also make teammates recover. All health points.

Engineer “Peter Guskovsky”, nicknamed “Polis”
The scout
The scout “Vicks Vandal”, nicknamed “Casper”.

The skill of the engineer (Pyotr “Boris” Guskovsky) is to set up the SG-36 sentry system, which can automatically detect the enemy and fire automatically and detect the enemy in a specific area; the scout (Wikus “Casper” Van Daele) is equipped with OV-P The reconnaissance drone can find moving targets near the enemy and use electromagnetic pulse waves to disturb the enemy. It can also provide designated targets for locked weapons. The motion sensor can alert the player to the approach of the enemy and improve alertness.


“Battlefield 2042” will have a total of 7 new maps, spanning South America, Asia, Antarctica, Africa and the Middle East. If some parts of the author’s earlier rumors are similar, this time there will be a rocket launch station and severe weather. The first map is the Guyana Space Center in South America, followed by the desert city of Qatar, the international city of Songdo in South Korea, the jetty of Blarney Island in Singapore, the West Coast Ferry Center in India, the Queen Maud Land in Antarctica, and the agricultural research in Egypt center.

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Orbital launch site ORBITAL
Orbital launch site ORBITAL
Revolutionary wave MANIFEST
Revolutionary wave MANIFEST
  Break away from BREAKAWAY
Break away from BREAKAWAY
  Renaissance RENEWAL
Renaissance RENEWAL

Players will see high-rise buildings, streets and alleys, abandoned freighters, snowy polar regions, etc. on the map. Different maps will have extreme weather, tornadoes, sandstorms and other natural disasters, and gameplay and tactics will be relatively changed. Simply put, the map becomes more spectacular and real.

Weapon Vehicle

The short videos released earlier showed different weapons and vehicles, and similar faces were seen again in this official video. The official said that in addition to the expertise and characteristics of each special force, the rest is matched by the player, that is, the weapon configuration can be changed according to the needs of the map. There will be a variety of modern weapon vehicles in the game, such as the combat robot dog “Ranger” (Ranger), M5A3 , AC42 assault rifle, F-35E fighter, MV38 Condor and other helicopters and jets. The equipment will include flying squirrels, injection pistols, drones, etc.

Players can summon combat robot dogs to immediately enhance the feeling of future war.
Players can summon combat robot dogs to immediately enhance the feeling of future war.
“Battlefield 2042” as a future war, of course, many advanced vehicles.
How will the new tanks evolve into land warfare?
How will the new tanks evolve into land warfare?

Game version

“Battlefield 2042” launched the Standard Edition, Gold Edition and Ultimate Edition. The standard version only has games, and the gold version includes games, pre-open beta, one-year pass and Cross-Gen bundle. The Ultimate Edition will include the above content, plus the Midnight Ultimate Bundle, official digital album and exclusive digital soundtrack. All pre-ordered versions are entitled to the first beta test, Baku ACB-90 melee saber, “Mr. Strong Skin” epic weapon pendant, “landing” player card background and “conservative” dog tags.

The game trial will be exhibited on June 13th.
The game trial will be exhibited on June 13th.

“Battlefield 2042” will be officially launched on October 22, and will be launched on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC’s Steam, Origin and Epic Games stores.

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PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One version

  • Standard Edition: $469
  • Gold Edition: $699
  • Ultimate Edition: $859

Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One versions

  • Standard Edition: $549
  • Gold Edition: $789
  • Ultimate Edition: $929

In addition, the Beta public test will be launched on October 15th, and all players who pre-order the game can participate.

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