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Back pain and osteopathy: from 7 June free visits throughout Italy

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Min the back, joint pain, neck pain, sciatica. But not only. Osteopathy can be a valid therapeutic response to be included in a plan for the prevention and treatment of various pathologies. From 7 to 13 June it is possible to book a free visit to 685 osteopathy clinics throughout Italy thanks to CronOs, Chronicity and Osteopathy project promoted by the ROI – Registry of Osteopaths of Italy. The goal is to inform as many people as possible about the benefits of osteopathy for the treatment of chronic disorders and to boost scientific research.

Back pain and more: the help of osteopathy

From 7 to 13 June the osteopaths who belong to the KING – Register of Osteopaths of Italy, will offer a first free visit to chronic patients in 685 studies spread throughout the national territory. The initiative is aimed at patients, adults and children, suffering from chronic ailments.

“I’m over 24 million Italians currently living with chronic diseases and the World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that over 80% of public health spending is directed to the care and management of the chronic patient, said Paola Sciomachen, President of ROI. Furthermore, by 2050 it is estimated that in Europe the life expectancy will increase to nearly 81 years. The incidence of chronicity it is strictly connected to the lengthening of the average life and therefore it is destined to grow.

Patients who shared their experience in the “Testimonials” area of ​​the CronOs Project website also explain how osteopathy can help treat some of the most common chronic diseases. For each pathology, an osteopath ROI illustrates in a short video why osteopathy can represent a therapeutic response.

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Prevention and chronic ailments

Among the health interventions aimed at the treatment and care of chronic patients, osteopathy plays an increasingly important role in the integration of therapeutic strategies aimed at improving the quality of life of patients and the reduction of symptoms related to chronic diseases.

In July 2019, the ROI – Registry of Osteopaths of Italy was one of the subjects involved in the Pact for Health Marathon, an initiative promoted by the Ministry of Health for the “active health promotion, also through the education of the population ai correct lifestyles, as well as the assumption of the need for health before the onset of the disease or before it manifests itself or gets worse, even through one active management of chronicity”.

Back pain, women over 50 suffer from it the most

According to an epidemiological study carried out in 2019 Lattanzio Monitoring & Evaluation for the ROI and conducted on a sample of 770 osteopaths, the majority of patients who go to an osteopath report chronic disorders, have aaverage age between 50 and 55 years and of these 63% are women. In addition, 65% of the interviewed osteopaths witnessed an exponential increase in patients with chronicity between 2017 and 2019. For Italian osteopaths, specialists and general practitioners constitute 26% of the source of referral of patients to the own studio.

In this scenario theosteopathy she wants to emphasize that she can be one therapeutic response, perfectly included in the National Health System. In National Chronicity Plan, the Ministry of Health emphasizes that in the treatment of multiple pathologies, collaboration between different health professionals and the management of the patient as a whole is important. With the CronOs project, the ROI wants to provide a first concrete answer ».

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How to book the free visit

To book a free visit, just choose the osteopath belonging to the closest project. L’the complete list can be found on the site designocronos.it in the “How to participate” section, where an interactive map is also available. After making your choice, you can contact the osteopath directly by calling the number that will be sent by email once you have filled out the form with your details.

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What is the Register of Osteopaths of Italy (ROI)

The Register of Osteopaths of Italy (ROI) it is the most representative and oldest association in the sector at national level. It was born in 1989 with the aim of stimulating the diffusion and enhancement of osteopathy in Italy. The Association promotes research in the osteopathic field, updating and professional training of its members, to guarantee the quality and safety of the services offered. It is a private non-profit association that carries out activities of self-regulation, self-discipline, representation and coordination of the members. Furthermore, the ROI directs and defines the training criteria and professional ethics. The ROI has over 3,000 registered osteopaths.

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