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What are the thematic bonuses of online movies with 1.4 billion box office a year? _Sina Finance_Sina.com

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Original title: What are the thematic bonuses of online movies with a gross annual box office of 1.4 billion?

Every time reporter Du Wei and intern Li Jianing Every time editor Tang Hui

“According to incomplete statistics, in six years, nearly 7,000 major online movies have constituted an emerging market with a scale of several billion yuan. The huge volume makes it a new media method with important influence and dissemination power.” On the morning of the 4th, At the Ninth China Internet Audiovisual Conference “Online Film Creation and Quality Upgrading Summit Forum”, Luo Jianhui, vice president of China Internet Audiovisual Program Service Association, said that nowadays, the expansion of genres and themes has made the path of online movies wider and wider.

Premium online movies have becomeChinese filmAn important part of the industry. What has attracted much attention is how will online movies complete the leap from popular to mainstream as they enter a new stage of development? With the emerging new themes, how to tap the dividends while broadening the boundaries of online movie genres? How will online movies develop in the future?

At the forum site, Chang Bin, head of Tianji Studio of Tencent Online Video Film and Television Content Production Department, Bai Yicong, founder and CEO of Linghe Culture, Tang Jili, chairman of China Film International, and Li Kun, founder and CEO of Netfly, gathered together. In-depth discussions centered on the above-mentioned hot issues.

The scene of the online film creation and upgrading summit forum. Photo by reporter Zhang Jian

  Online movie advances to the “mainstream”

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“Good works are emerging, demand is escalating, the mainstream track is broadened, and the possibility of innovation increases.” This is Chang Bin’s most intuitive experience of the current online film market.

In fact, it is not surprising that Chang Bin feels this way. The “2021 China Internet Audiovisual Development Research Report” (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”) shows that in 2020, all major online video platforms will launch a total of 784 online movies, of which 79 movies have a box office of over 10 million, an increase of 41 from 2019 . At the same time, the box office of online movies broke new highs, and the film party received nearly 1.4 billion yuan in box office revenue, reaching 21% of the box office revenue of the film party in the theater-line movie market in 2020.

The eye-catching sub-account box office data means that the contribution rate of online movies to the film industry is increasing, and the box office potential is expected to be further released. The ever-growing market scale, ever-increasing investment costs, and ever-increasing production levels provide more possibilities for the development of online movies from popular to mainstream. In this process, the video platform plays a very important role.

The “Report” pointed out that in 2020, the number of online movies on the three major platforms of iQiyi, Tencent Video, and Youku will account for 95% of the total, and effective playback will account for 99%. Relatively speaking, the average effective playback of online movies on Tencent Video is relatively high.

“We are the creators’ companions, the users’ companions, and also the companions who accompany the progress of the industry.” In Chang Bin’s view, whether it is the cloud launch featuring fast on-demand broadcasting or the newly upgraded account sharing model, Tencent Video has always played the role. The role of a “traveler” constantly explores the infinite possibilities in the film ecology.

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The booming market environment has put forward more requirements for the upgrading of online movies. Chang Bin said that as a video platform, it should use its rich platform experience and data capabilities to help deepen the creation of online movies, provide targeted innovations from IP, content, and actors around different themes, and continue to develop and guide the birth of good content. “In the future, we will continue to rely on the VIP open platform, relying on the advantages of the accounting system and the advantages of ecological-level publicity to further promote the development of online movies.”

“We believe that by pouring resources, funds, and manpower to transform audience needs into creative power, after more precipitation and accumulation, the industry will surely be able to accumulate from the popular to the mainstream.” Chang Bin said.

  Digging new themes for dividends

“From the online movie data, action, suspense, comedy and other traditional themes still occupy half of the online movie.” When it comes to the types of online movies, Chang Bin believes that the traditional online movie track needs to be upgraded and innovated. The development of the field cannot be ignored. “In the future, some realistic themes, female themes, science fiction themes, etc. may become new breakthroughs in the online movie track.”

Although the current audience of online movies is still mostly male, the diversification of genres and themes is an inevitable trend in the future development of the industry. Only segmentation and innovation can expand more new users. How to tap the dividends of new themes and explore new growth points has always plagued the industry.

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As a screenwriter, director and producer, Tang Jili has profound experience in film and television production. He believes that the core of film and television production is input and output, and the amount of budget has an important impact on the types of films that can be entered. With the growth of the domestic online movie market, “the ceiling and investment of the box office will be higher and higher, which will drive our works to develop in the direction of quality.”

Bai Yicong appealed from the creative side that online movies should dare to try and make mistakes and try diversified genres. Only the creative work of the creators can truly move people.

Li Kun, who has experimented with children’s education, folklore, revolutionary war and other topics, said that the track of online movies has been changing, but many creators only pay attention to the innovation of the track, but forget that only good stories that empathize with the audience can be used. Really impress the audience. “The track is just a way to get more audiences. Always insisting on creating good content is the core and key that will never change.”

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