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“Mobile Suit Gundam Flash Hathavi” will be available on Netflix on July 1st

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Today (June 11) Netflix announced that the latest work in the Gundam series “Mobile Suit Gundam Flash Hasavi” will be launched soon. A trailer was also released, which was also adapted from Tomino’s original novel by Yuuki. It is a follow-up to “Masha’s Counterattack” in the UC story universe.


  Video introduction:

Twelve years after the Second Neo Zeon War, the peace of the earth and its colonies was destroyed by “Mafty”, a terrorist organization dedicated to preventing the Earth Federation from privatizing the earth to the privileged class. The leader of the “Mafty” organization is Hathaway Noa, the son of the famous federal driver Bright Noa, and the driver of the model RX-105 Gundam.

“Mobile Suit Gundam Shining Hassawi” was originally planned to be released in Japan in July last year, but due to the impact of the epidemic, it has been bounced to be released until today. Netflix will not be able to release it until the theater window has passed. According to official information, the film will be released on July 1.

  Video screenshot:

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