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“Ideal Shines in China” “I Sent My Family Across the River” broadcast-Huasheng Online

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“Crossing the River Front” Yan Hongying: Boat Girl Can Fight

“Ideal Shines on China” broadcasted “I Sent My Family Across the River”

Huasheng OnlineOn June 9th (Hunan Daily·Huasheng Online reporter Deng Zhengke, correspondent Deng Siyuan) An old photo spanning half a century, behind it is a story of military and civilian fish and water conditions fifty years ago. On the evening of June 9th, the series of short dramas “Ideal Illuminates China” broadcasted on Hunan Satellite TV, “I send my relatives across the river”, tells the story of the boatman Yan Hongying (played by Chen Duling) with the help of reporter Zou Jiandong (played by Qiao Zhenyu), Support and witness the story of millions of heroes passing Dajiang.

In April 1949, on the eve of the Battle of Crossing the River. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zou Jiandong came to the exercise site for crossing the river. The boatman Yan Hongying is training to cross the river with the PLA soldiers. Yan Hongying learned that she could not participate in crossing the river, and had an argument with Platoon Leader Lei (played by Zhang Junyi), and Platoon Leader Lei brought in Zou Jiandong as a lobbyist. “You convinced me this girl, after the matter is done, you can interview as you want!”

Zou Jiandong was going to dissuade Yan Hongying, but unexpectedly he was moved by Yan Hongying’s remarks, and turned around to intercede with Platoon Leader Lei. Platoon Leader Lei told Zou Jiandong that Yan Hongying’s father had been following the Dujiang Reconnaissance Camp and had been injured. The army crossed the river and he took the lead in signing up. If the whole family is sacrificed, how can you be worthy of the common people? Zou Jiandong was very moved after hearing this, and once again persuaded Yan Hongying, and the two finally broke up.

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Early the next morning, Zou Jiandong saw Yan Hongying guarding his door, and wanted to help him intercede. Just when Zou Jiandong was not able to laugh or cry, Yan Xiaomei ran to tell Yan Hongying that father was back. Hearing that his daughter could not take part in the Battle of Crossing the River, the old face questioned Platoon Leader Lei, and Zou Jiandong also stood up and interceded. Yan Hongying is even more firm: “I also want to fight for the new China, I want to get on the ship and send the People’s Liberation Army across the river!”

At dusk, platoon leader Lei assembled his company. All the soldiers were ready to board the ship, and Zou Jiandong also raised his camera. Platoon Leader Lei told Yan Hongying to obey her orders in everything. Three flares lifted off at the same time, and the ships raced across the river. Just as Yan Hongying was struggling to row out of the port, Zou Jiandong pressed the shutter to take a picture of the ship sailing out, and also photographed the back of Yan Hongying shaking the oar. Countless ships are carrying PLA soldiers to the Yangtze River. It is the magnificent scene of millions of heroes crossing the river. The momentum is like a cloud, and victory is in sight.

On May 22, 1999, sisters Yan Hongying, accompanied by Comrades from the Party History Office, went to Beijing to visit Zou Jiandong. Zou Jiandong clasped Yan Hongying’s hand tightly and said excitedly: “If it weren’t for the boatmen like you to support the front line recklessly, the army of one million would not be able to cross the Yangtze River, and the achievements of the people cannot be forgotten.” Zou Jiandong also gave it to the pair. Two sisters’ photos of “I Sent My Family Across the River”, although this photo came 50 years late, the scene of sending the relatives of the People’s Liberation Army across the river seems to be still in sight.

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