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Huace releases new film single Hu Yitian, Bai Jingting, Tan Songyun and others starring | Bai Jingting | Tan Songyun | Hu Yitian_Sina Entertainment_Sina.com

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Huace releases new film list

Sina Entertainment News Recently, Huace Promotion Conference was held in Shanghai. At the promotion meeting, many new works were unveiled.

In recent years, the masterpieces such as “Diplomacy”, “Top Secret Mission”, “Desperate Sword”, “Awakening Age” and other masterpieces invested or participated in by Huace Group have gained good reputation. On the day of the promotion meeting, Huace focused on promoting two major gift-giving repertoires to be broadcast: “Our New Era” and “A Wind and Cloud Rising on a Lanlan”.

The revolutionary theme drama “A Wind and Cloud Rising on a Railing” has also been launched in Hengdian recently. The drama was created by Hu Yitian[微博], Zhang Ruonan, Zhang He, Wang Jinsong[微博]Zhang Xilin[微博]Starring, starting in Hengdian on the same day, the play is based on the Southwest Associated University, focusing on the period from 1937 to 1945, three intellectual families and many young students, in order to protect the national cultural heritage, in the process of moving south to the west. The hard sacrifices and choices made, and the story of guarding the flames of civilization in the smoke of gunpowder despite the difficulties, the main purpose is to convey to the contemporary youth the spirit of sincerity, justice and fearlessness.

“Our New Era” is an era report drama. The protagonist of the story is outstanding grassroots party members from different backgrounds after the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. There are 48 episodes in the whole play, divided into 6 unit stories. The topic of each unit chooses small cuts to reflect the big theme. The big story is told with small stories. The small characters reflect the big era, combining ordinary life with the great era. The combination of youth inspiration and struggle spirit shows the inheritance spirit of the majority of young party members.The choice of actors in the play includes both a combination of youth + flow and a combination of strength + flow. Tan Songyun[微博]Bai Jingting[微博]Dou Xiao[微博]Tong Dawei[微博], Xi Meijuan, Sarina, Li Xuejian, Liu Mintao[微博]Li Gengxi[微博]And so on will star in.

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It is reported that in Huace’s current film list, the broadcast projects include “Our New Era”, “The Day That Became You”, “Hot Blood Detective”, “When Love Meets a Scientist”, and “No Doubt About Love” “, “I am with us”, “Forever”, “Chang’an as before”; preparation projects include “A Way to the Sun”, “Imperative”, “Moving to the Wind”, “All Good Times”, ” I’m a Criminal Police, “Light Chaser”, “Three Points Wild”; start-up projects include “A Wind and Cloud Rising on a Railing”, “Sleeping Garden” and “See You at the End of Summer”. (Struggle for Utopia/Text)

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