Home Business The Shanghai stock index fell 0.54% and fell below the 10-day line, the brewing sector is now at a limit of decline | Yangtze River Commercial Daily_Sina.com

The Shanghai stock index fell 0.54% and fell below the 10-day line, the brewing sector is now at a limit of decline | Yangtze River Commercial Daily_Sina.com

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Original title: The Shanghai stock index fell 0.54% and fell below the 10-day line, and the brewing sector is now stopping the tide

Source: Yangtze River Commercial Daily

Changjiang Commercial Daily reporter Zouping

Yesterday, the three major A-share indexes closed down collectively. Among them, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.54% and closed below the 5-day and 10-day lines. The industry sector was mixed, and the brewing sector set off a wave of stop-and-fall.

As of the close, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.54% to 3,580.09 points; the Shenzhen Component Index fell 0.98% to 14,716.98 points; the ChiNext Index fell 0.61% to 3,208.57 points. The turnover of the Shanghai and Shenzhen markets was 984.93 billion yuan; the actual net inflow of northbound funds was 301 million yuan. The daily limit of 96 shares in the two cities and the limit of 30 shares fell (including ST).

In terms of industry sectors, shipbuilding, aerospace, jewellery, textiles and clothing, culture, education and leisure saw the highest gains, while the wine industry, non-ferrous metals, food and beverage, medical industry, and chemical fiber industries saw the highest declines. In terms of themes, the concept sectors of Shanghai Free Trade, Hongmeng, Radio and Television, and Intellectual Property are active.

The wine sector is now falling and stopping the tide

Yesterday, the three major A-share stock indexes opened mixed, and the index showed a trend of rising and falling back in the morning. The ChiNext index rose more than 1% and then turned green; the decline of the two markets further expanded in the afternoon, and the Shenzhen Component Index fell more than 1%. Low shock finishing.

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In terms of industry sectors, Huawei’s concept has risen sharply.Digital videoMAG SmartXinchen TechnologyMingpu OptomagneticDunan EnvironmentTeamsunDaily limit; Hongmeng concept is active,Jiulian TechnologyChuanzhi EducationPalm Reading TechnologyDaily limitCohesion culture(Rights protection),Bank of China CashmereHaima MotorSINOMACH Heavy Equipment, ST Dazhou,ST Tongzhou(Rights protection),*ST JinzhouDaily limit; Shanghai local stocks are making a comeback,Pudong Golden BridgeLujiazuiLeading sharesGolden Bridge InformationDaily limit; new energy vehicle sectorChangshu Auto AccessoriesZhongding sharesKuangda TechnologyXiyi sharesDaily limit; baby conceptShifeng CultureMeibon ApparelAimer sharesDaily limit; the military sector pulled up late,Tianhe DefenseGuisheng shares, Xiyi shares daily limit; lithium battery boardZhezhong sharesAnadaDaily limit; 5G conceptRiscomdaChunxing PrecisionDaily limit; the brewing industry suffered a heavy setback,Mogao sharesGu Yue Long MountainEliteGolden Seed WineAlcoholic WineDahao TechnologyWait for more than the limit.

The main line is still in technology

Yuanda Investment Consulting believes that a number of topics in the direction of science and technology are active and can effectively drive market sentiment. However, since the weighting sector has not shown a significant active rise, only a small rise in securities and insurance has occurred, which is difficult to effectively and sustainably drive the index. Upward, but it also effectively suppressed the risk of index decline and gave a good environment for the subject’s performance. Therefore, it is recommended to pay attention to structural opportunities in the direction of big consumption and technology in the near future.

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Guangzhou Bandung believes that the low tide of liquor will release a large amount of trend funds, which is good for the rotation of other sectors. Grasp the rhythm and opportunities, the current main line is still technology. In the direction, pay more attention to the three sectors of chip, Huawei Hongmeng, and new energy vehicles.

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